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Soul Troop, Availability, Design and Expectation Improvements

To medal all of the existing troops now will take 52,560,000 souls.

Now 58? Mythic troops that need either 5 Nysha and 3 Anu, or 6 Nysha medals.

I’m not going to go into how many medals are required to medal all troops, but it’s a lot.

Let’s be honest, no-one will be getting there any time soon. I did note @TheIdleOne having 317 troops gold medalled? He’s probably an outlier.

A new faction in a week with a bounty troop and weekly troop, can increase the number of souls needed by 360,000 for medalling alone.

Souls are a currency we still use. Soulforge uses souls, as does levelling (which can be negated by green orbs).

When medals were introduced, the total number of souls needed was 48,000,000 or thereabouts.

We are still using troops which are antiquated in relation to gaining souls, and although the Depths of Sin faction did introduce troops that generated souls, they did not introduce any bonus to souls. Furthermore most of the soul based troops are poor in 2020 game design.

We do not have a class with a necromancy trait, the best class for souls - Necromancer can use the level 20 talent for 1 soul per turn, and it’s 3rd trait gives 1 soul on 4/5 gem matches. With Pharos-Ra (s) in the team, these can generate more souls/bonus, but get no soul bonus help from the class that is the soul based class.

I’m aware that people can have a lot of souls from years invested, but it is not just a soul problem, don’t forget you need 332 Nysha medals just for the Mythics.

Maybe the designers when designing future troops can look at increasing the proliferation of soul bonus traits. I think we could use a 100% bonus to souls trait on troops in this day and age of the game, and on a few troops.

The Necromancer class could use a 100% bonus to souls trait.

I liken the situation as an analogy as trying to dig a 1,000 foot deep hole with a plastic teaspoon. It will go nowhere, wear down, break, cause you to stop, and probably give up.

I totally get the reasons why the situation was setup so that it was almost impossible, but it is getting worse every single week.

Playing the game permanently with soul based teams is not viable long term, because the troops are outdated, vs the scaled enemies faced. Facing weaker level explore teams has a diminishing effect because the bonus souls are not always reached.

In the past we could increase the difficulty level to increase soul rates, vs higher level opponents. This was a choice, but this has also been taken away.

So, can we consider improving the existing soul based troops, adding new features/improving soul bonus rates which correlate with new features, or give a bonus to souls rate alongside the gold bonus modifier with explore levels? Increase the base soul cap from 40 to 80?



I agree that the amount of required souls is out of proportion. Although, it’s something very easily farmable for end gamers (and medal troop upgrading are intended for end gamer kingdom progression too) so that’s still kind of fine.

But the Nysha’s? That’s just outrageously ridiculous. I’m still sitting on only one medal and two badges. I must add that i kind of stopped farming them in level 12 though. In my opinion, higher medals (epic-legendary-mythic) should be part of treasure maps rewards, just like the deeds should be, even if it would cost multiple amounts of maps to play one “special” treasure map mode (even limited per day if you want).

TLDR: for the Nysha’s, something must be done. Treasure maps update?


Medals are another problem indeed. It’s a double edged sword.

I think that there may be some improvement to their (medal) availability around the corner, here’s hoping, but for sure it will cost. I have 9 of them, I farmed .8 million souls in the last week from explore 12 and got 1 Nysha token… I also only got 3 Anu tokens in all that time, so can’t even silver medal a legendary troop.

We really could do with the designers integrating new soul based troops/caps and traits, updating them from the antiquated designs they have.

I mean a soul bonus modifier or maybe a medal chance modifier reward from an event (available via gems), a bit like the modifiers you get from your guild/armor?

Thing is, I was told when medals were introduced that the devs do NOT want us to be able to medal every mythic. Personally, I find it a really baffling concept to introduce unachievable goals. Like for example, the lack of imperial deeds and book of deeds. It does nothing to keep me engaged. Instead, I also am reminded of the analogy of trying to dig a 1000 metre hole with a plastic teaspoon.
I am very strongly in favour of making resources available at a frequency that players can reasonably see that it is actually possible to complete their goal.
So yes please, we need a rework of souls (and Nysha medals, and deeds, and imperial deeds).
And offering them randomly to players in daily offers is not the answer btw.

Everything since 4.7 was to limit materials. Don’t expect it to change, especially deeds. They called it groundwork, the reality is it will stay as is.