Missing Troops Crafting: Sacrifice souls

Ok, just an idea I thought out this night. Hopefully a good one!

  1. Each week a player is allowed to sacrifice 10k, 25k, 50k, 75k or 100k souls.

  2. Only one of the amount listed above is allowed to sacrifice per week,
    the max sacrifice for the hero levels per week is listed below:
    level 1 - 99 = 10k souls
    level 100 - 249 = 25k
    level 250 - 499 = 50k
    level 500 - 999 = 75k
    level 1000 or higher = 100k

  3. As you can see above, thus higher level, thus more is allowed to spend on the soul sacrificing, the 100k is however the max number of souls that can be sacrificed, and only a level 1000 player or greater will have the option to sacrifice it.

  4. Sacrificing souls will only give/create troops. And sacrificing souls will always give troops that the player does not have in their collection yet, and/or extra copy(ies) of troops as long as the troop is not Mythic yet. No troops that the player has to Mythic can be offered. If a player has all troops to Mythic, he better not sacrifice any souls. Commons and lower rarity troops is often given more copies of. Max 10 for common, max 5 for rare, max 3 for ultra rare, max 2 for epic, max 1 for legendary and mythic troops. Everything is of course a random soup where tons of luck is needed to get the better pulls.

  5. Midgame - Endgame players will have a higher chance to pull a Legendary or Mythic troop than newer players, a greater number of souls is available to sacrifice here. This is mostly based on making a formula to make it easier for midgame- endgame players to build on their collections. When that is said the troop rewards for lower level players is good based on their currently level, also they have a chance pulling a Legendary/Mythic even if it has a much lower chance, but they will at least get more common-UR troops than mid- endgame players for sacrificing souls.

  6. Players has the whole week to decide what amount of souls they wants to sacrifice, but the registration has to be made before the reset, Monday 9:00 CET. After the reset has been an ingame mail will be sent to the players with the troop rewards inside.

  7. Why soul sacrificing?
    -It is thrilling to wait and see every week if one will get troops that one really need for our collection or copies of a troop to be able to make it mythic.
    -Souls will now play a bigger role generally, also for endgame players.
    -It is good to know that we will get troop(s) that we needs, even if it copies to make a troop mythic.

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looks interesting :slight_smile: but for now id like to see more targeted crafting :stuck_out_tongue: after we get a “targeted” crafting, this one could make its way into game too maybe :stuck_out_tongue:

changed title a bit to show more clearly what is it about, otherwise we will never find and connect all the crafting ideas amongst the feature requests :stuck_out_tongue:


I agree to this idea as well! Although getting the souls necessary to target mythics will be tough for mid level players. So some cost tweaks maybe necessary

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Its perfectly fine with the change in title. :slight_smile:
At least this sytem would give us troops that we needs
for the collection, or copies. It could be a nice addition.

This system won’t make it too easy for us to target the troops that we really want, I agree.
But at least I would say that its fair, at least better than before.

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Midlevel players as Endgame players can sacrifice one of the soul amounts below their max, if they can’t offer the max. Each player are free to decide if they wants to sacrifice one of the soul amounts or not, during a week. But yeah I agree, some cost tweaks etc. is most probably needed and welcome.

surely better then nothind :smiley:

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