The soul cost to medal upgrade troops needs to be lowered

742 troops x 60,000 soul per troop (assuming no gambling at all. Your costs skyrocket when you start failing medal gambling) = 44,520,000 souls

Sure, no problem if this was a one time cost.

Some people are going to say, souls aren’t the problem, medals are the hard part and we always needed a soul sink.

Please remember each week we get new troops. Additional cumulative cost

New troops for the Week of:
Oct 21: 120,000 souls
Oct 28: 180,000 souls
Nov 4: 300,000 souls (thanks factions!)
Nov 11: 180,000 souls
Nov 18: 120,000 souls
Nov 25: 120,000 souls

I know many people personally that thought Dawnbringer was the end all be all soul grind and hated that. That soul count is going to add fast and its the type that new players can never catch up on. Expecting people to grind a Dawnbringer once every 6 weeks is just going to kill morale (not everyone is sitting on 100 million souls!)

I don’t know what the answer is, but what I do know is the Soul cost could be halfed and still be a gigantic undertaking.

You should want to medal upgrade troops. You should want to progress upwards. So if someone is going to tell me just upgrade the troops you want and stop, that system doesn’t work for player retention.


Why not? I might understand if this was the only thing left to do in the game, but it’s not. And they’re still adding more to the game to keep us from running out of things to do. So why can’t there be this one thing in the game that you can’t complete?

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Did you forget about maxing all pets? Or how about all weapons? Or maxing all delves? 99.99% of players will never be able to do any of these. Even simply a full troop collection is a pipe dream now for new players. This game has become intentionally incompleteable.


i may or may not have enough souls to max them already…but why would i waste them to put junk medals on the 500 something useless cards in this game?haha

because you need too

To be honest, you’ll prolly get more than those 40 million souls by the time you’ll get enough mythic medals to upgrade your mythics…
You basically need 1000+ mythic tokens. I got 2 whole tokens in 2 days of heavy farming…


not in the slightest do i need to …

He means that you’ll need to if you want max possible kingdom power. The patch notes state that medalling troops will eventually be part of the progression system.

I think soul rewards should be increased for normal teams.
Doing Explore on diff 12 and WL IV and getting about 16 souls is a joke.

yea max kingdom power not something im worried about ever getting to before the game ends…

I’m more concerned about the amount of grinding it will take just to get the medals, not so much the soul cost.

9 tokens per medal, that’s 27 tokens to max a troop.

Assuming you always get three tokens for an explore run (which you definitely don’t) that’s at least 162 battles to fully medal one troop. Which means at least 120,000 battles to level all the troops. But the total number of battles is likely to be far higher due to getting 2 tokens instead of three, earning less than 100 mythstones per run, and worst of all the distribution of earned badges will likely not match actual troop rarity distribution at all. Badging epics and up is going to be painful.

Giving a generous 30 seconds per battle, that’s over 1000 hours of battling. Maybe I’ll care about the souls component 2 years from now.


To upgrade a troop fully costs 6 medals. Cost for each upgrade is 1 then 2 then 3. So 54 tokens needed for each troop. Yeah, it’s even worse than you thought.


Oh wow so double my “conservative” estimate. 240,000 battles, 2000 Hrs @30s/match average…and that’s still not realistic because of the rarities.

I saw in another thread someone far grindier than me had gotten a mythic token or two and estimated it would take 500Hrs to fully medal a single mythic. Oy.

Yeah that was me lol. I have 2 mythic tokens now after about 20 hours farming. Also I think 1 minute per battle on average would be more realistic.


This is true though, I don’t think we will ever be able to get enough medals to be able to run out of souls. I will make the call actually that nobody will ever fully upgrade every troop unless they drastically buff how many tokens we get from the boss chest. Each month we get 1 Mythic and 1-2 Legendarys. This means we need 54 token of Nysha and 54-108 tokens of Anu. This alone means 100’s and 100’s of hrs of farming each month just to upgrade the new stuff let alone the 700+ troops we already have. My point is that people will only upgrade their favourite troops and even that will take months and months.


They said we’ll need to medal troops to level kingdoms, but haven’t said how many. It could be ‘get 3 to bronze’, then 2 to silver, or all to gold.

I’ll worry about souls when I start to run out. And what would a maxed kingdom do? Give another +1 stat, or just higher tribute %? And if the other qualifiers are ‘fully level 4 kingdom pets’, then I’ll doubt it’s worth the effort.

I don’t know why has so many likes … wtf? That is only right for mythic troops. All other troops only need a cost of 3 medals, if you want to, with 4 probably the best, but not 6

I had a mini-breakdown this weekend over explore. I finished all the challenges. I finished all the delves. I finished all the classes. I ascended all troops to mythic. Now THIS! The bar is now so high. I’m a completionist and this is definitely the ninth layer of hell for someone like me.

I need to be doing other things besides this game. I have to be OK with not upgrading all the troops. The souls are not the problem. Free time is the problem.

This game will never end. When you die, you have to do even more grinding to ascend yourself. I hope I’m joking. I have one mythic token so far from 12 hours of grinding explore. It’s OK not to finish. It’s OK not to finish. If I say it enough maybe I can Jedi mind trick myself. If I can’t believe that at some point, I’ll have to quit the game.

I’m going to pray a token gnome is next.


I mean, the souls aren’t the problem. The medals are, time it takes to gain 6 medals to upgrade a legendary troop or higher is vastly more than getting 60,000 souls, even more than 180,000 souls considering you can use keys and mass disenchant for another batch.


I’m not seeing the problem here. :joy: