Need more troops with Necromancy trait

Basically what the description says, More troops with necromancy WITHOUT using Purple. There is only one troop in GOW that does use purple what has Necromancy and that’s Warlock.

I would not mind seeing Valkyrie with her Necromancy trait back !!!


I believe that’s kind of the point, as it fits “thematically”. Purple is mostly the color of the undead and magic kingdoms usually. That is why I believe most Necromancy troops are purple.


I would love valk getting necro back. Mana shield is a joke, it is basically “protection from mab’s spell”.

Poor jackelope, nobody even knew you existed.


id like also a Hero Class with necromancy

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They’re looking at making mana shield protect from mana drain as well, that will make Valkyrie a lot stronger :slight_smile:


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I wouldn’t mind seeing a dragon or two with Necromancy. Would work great with The Dragon Soul.


No, necromancy is a bad trait and doesn’t need any more in this game. there are enough. it is only useful in teams for soul farming - which are no good for normal pvp or guild wars anyway

That’s not 100% true. If you don’t have a troop with the Necromancy trait the most souls you can gain is 40/40. With each necromancy or Necro-Master trait this number increases (at least it does on the Xbox). Every necromancy trait potentially increases the damage of any troop that does damage based on souls (Pharos-Ra, Warg etc)