Dead Patched Underworld

Example: since the last update, City of Thieves is constantly missing the room with Cedric and thus the chance of 500 damage, with units that are otherwise far too weak. This can also be applied to other underworlds. What use are potions if you change the room difficulty so high that the underworld is now unplayable again. Poor ballancing and levered out potions I would call that. An infinite number of skulls continue to trickle down as if it were Christmas. More than would ever fall with a normal skull storm. This also makes the Underworld unplayable. If you could previously defeat some empires with a treasure pile of 250, you now easily need 50 more. But I don’t need to mention that in this case there is a lack of resources for the treasure piles. The difficult underworlds have not become easier with the last update and the differently allocated rooms, but much more difficult.

He’s still there.
I don’t know what you’re talking about for the rest of your post, but nothing has been changed in delves except potions are applied. No idea why you think this makes it harder.

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I´m still farming City of Thieves almost daily and I meet Cedric on a regular basis. I would guess about 40% of my runs have a Cedric room. However, I remember when I was trying to do the PF500, I had a lot of tries in a row without a Cedric room. If I remember well, I wasn´t able to catch Cedric for 4 days, so at least 12 in a row without him. I would file this under “annoying, but usual streak of bad luck”.

For the rest of your post about the Underworld being more difficult now, I can only disagree. In the discord chat of our guild family, several succesful runs in various factions were posted since the update. A few days ago, someone managed to finish PF500 in Frostfire Keep with hoard level 227. Frostfire Keep is known to be among the hardest factions and before the update, hoard levels of 300 and even more were commonly suggested. I have no personal experience with pure faction runs after the update, as I had finished the Underworld already before, but the reports of others in my guild are strong indications, that pure faction runs became clearly easier to finish.

Like me. I farm the underworld daily. In now 6 attempts, the Cedric team only came once and the room bonus was not counted for me there. Otherwise, the Cedric team was constantly missing. Before the update, the room ALWAYS existed. Not anymore. The harder underworlds may certainly have become more playable due to the potions, but are still significantly more difficult due to the changed teams. It always depends on which teams were thrown on the way and how many / or few skulls fall to the opponent. Sometimes it’s just luck getting a good run.