Not sure what happened

_very 1st turn, no gems were touched
_hero had 50% mana thanks to thief class
_gard had 10% mana thanks to thief class
_enemy team was 3x coin purses and cedric
_cedric lost 2 hp due to tpk’s trait

All 3 coin purses died out of no where
Does anyone have any idea what happned?

Cursed trait can actually kill troops. Hard to see since very rarely is the enemy’s hp that low.

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I dont think any troop starts with less than 2 hp. this is delve so the enemy’s level is at least 20 * 0.6 = 12 (cedric room’s rarity is II so 60% delve level), could be even higher as I dont think this was the first delve i did

TheIdleOne is indeed correct. Treasure troops don’t gain additional stats from levels (only from kingdoms, which delves don’t take into account). So accursed killed the lot, as they have only 1 life :wink:

Pretty sure treasures do gain stats from levels, otherwise you should always be able to 1 shot them even at level 500 delve, which isnt the case
I have crypt at level 20 which also has cedric room. I’ll take a screenshot of their stats when i see them again