Dawnbringer unbalances Arena


From what I gather GW will happen a week every three, with other events in rotation. So GW should become less important.


I tried arena yesterday on Xbox, first two battles, both Dawnbringer, lost both in a row.

I give up.

The Devs have done fk all and i doubt they ever will.


This thread has been active for 6 months.
More than 540 comments.
There IS nothing left to say.
The devs have ignored this issue since it became an issue.
Time to retitle it Beating a Dead Horse and let it go


On one hand, I understand to why some say this thread should end, but I still feel that this thread should still continue until a confirmed plan of action is taken where the devs work with the community on this instead of a nuke everything approach.

It may not be their top priority, and I still feel there are bigger fish to fry, it still should be discussed to show that it is still a concern to us players. As the forums are still a relative minority of the whole player base, think of how many others have the same problems.

Some issues like nerfed task rewards, nerfed glory packs, and crippling rng at times may only bother some and others simply don’t care. However, a rework of older game modes like arena has been a long time coming. As others have suggested, perhaps their should be tier brackets with epics, or even legendaries at higher tiers with properly tiered weapons from opponents. Perhaps they should allow traits or more options for each troop. Something that prevents it from becoming an unused feature by most and a hell for those that need it. The devs keep putting out new stuff every week, but arena is in need of some new content.


Which has all been said before, numerous times.
I stopped following this thread, then here It is again.
There will be no plan of action.
As I said in my above comment, it’s been six months with no action, safely assume there is not going to be any, at least not from this thread.


To be honest, I must agree with the comments above.

This has gone on for so long and everyone is clearly being ignored. We might as well accept it.

Arena can be put to rest along side Treasure Hunt. Hopefully there’s more mini games coming because two of them have been killed off.


The arguments have been the same alright. Therefore, as long as the devs choose to ignore arena in favor of more opportune features, then I too will continue to ignore their offers. And you all can take that to the bank! lol


I’m actually going to keep the thread alive but have zero faith the devs are really “thinking about this issue”.

Part of the reason I’ve kind of stayed out of the thread is once I started pretending arena didn’t exist, I had a lot more fun with the game. I’ve been trying to be more positive, and this thread is one of the things that encourages me to want to say bad things about the devs.

And I am NOT going to frown on my birthday by going try an arena run to see if it’s better. I already know the answer.


I don’t play Arena and so don’t have a horse in the race, but it’s already been stated that they’re looking at a fix long term because of concerns with Runic Blade if Dawnbringer is immediately taken out. So it’s NOT being ignored. But I also don’t think they need to keep saying “it’s on our list” every week or so, that’s just dumb. Just assume that it’s being worked on and adjust your play accordingly until further news comes out. :roll_eyes:


I think that argument made by the Devs is actually worse than them simply ignoring it.

Saying Runic Blade will become a problem is the same as saying we don’t play our game enough to understand it fully. Which is true, but it’ll never be admitted.

I prefer we don’t care so we’re doing nothing as opposed to we don’t know so we’re going to make more problems by trying to fix it.

The problem with adjusting our play is that there is no adjustments to be made. It’s either have Dawnbringer and hope you cast first, or don’t play Arena. Oh and the ever popular pray you get lucky.


I understand you don’t agree with their reasons/rationale. That’s fine. I’m just countering the common refrain in the last 10-20 posts of “the devs are ignoring this/the devs don’t care.”


Since February 6 I’ve encountered 44 Dawnbringers (and 52 Runic Blades) in 162 games, out of those 44 games I lost 9, including one game where I screwed up myself. I play with whatever team I get (no insta-retreating to draw better troops) and never use my own Dawnbringer; instead I used 13 different weapons during those 162 games;
At least for me, the situation seems to be much better than when this uproar first started. Of course, there happens streaks with six Dawnbringers in a row, but there are also entire runs without encountering any. Either people really are using less Dawnbringers in the Arena, or they are more spread out, but I don’t get the feeling that “Arena is Dawnbringer only place” anymore;
My rather positive stats, however, don’t mean that I’m completely a-okay with the situation. Non-Dawnbringer users spend considerably more time trying to get exactly the same rewards with lesser probability to reach the jackpot. Well, that’s something we have to put up with for time being;

P.S. two magic words are Soul of Xathenos and Spider Totem…


I doubt the devs are ignoring this issue, and I believe they do care. The problem is they are likely beholden to the publisher for their marching orders, and if this isn’t considered a priority by the publisher it doesn’t matter how much the devs care. Their resources will be allocated elsewhere, which right now probably means working on the 3.3 update.

I don’t know anything about the publisher, but my assumption is that they are a business and they exist to make money. Projects like the 3.3 update or even the increased velocity of new troop releases are things that likely have a visible tie to profits. Projects like removing one weapon (albeit an OP one) from Arena defenses probably qualify more as Quality of Life changes, and would naturally be lower on the totem pole.

We don’t know how deeply entrenched the Arena matchmaking algorithm is or how much development time it would take to change it to remove DB from defense teams. I am probably tinfoil-hatting slightly, but unless a QOL issue is utterly game-breaking, there is probably a point where the publisher decides that the required time investment simply doesn’t align with their business goals.

That said, I agree with keeping this thread alive. I’m going to assume there is some kind of communication between the devs and the publisher regarding player requests, so hopefully it eventually has an effect.


I’m certainly not arguing all of that. The devs have their priorities and projects determined by whatever entities and things come when they come.

I think that because the devs have spoken about the Dawnbringer issue means that they (the devs) are aware. But they’ve already spoken to NOT saying timeframes and timetables and committing to firm dates because things can change (witness the release of Bright Forest), so we will never know what effect this might have until they actually say “The Dawnbringer/Arena issue is addressed in x update which is 'tentatively scheduled for y date”/Coming Soon".

I’m not saying the thread can’t be kept alive. I am saying that personally, it seems a waste of energy and redundancy because at this point, the devs are aware.


And they have been aware that the in game chat needs to be improved and planning to improve it for more than 2 years…
There could have been a quick fix for the Dawnbringer issue until they have the time to rework the arena or think what they want to do with mythic weapons.


Yeah, the core problem I have with this issue is the message being sent to me is:

  • For low-level players (200 and below?), we purposefully remove many weapons from your opponents to keep it fair.
  • It is impossible to remove weapons from your opponents to keep it fair, you’re going to have to face Dawnbringer.


Suit yourself, but as long as this thread stays alive and open I’ll keep popping in to say:


Just my opinion, YMMV :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


PS, I don’t even own DawnBringer, tho I’m looking forward to finally claiming it after a couple more weeks of soul-grinding… lol, probably just in time for 3.3 and the big nerfing! :face_with_monocle:


A weapon that will kill 2/3 troops and barrier all team mates isn’t OP? If this was the case for other game modes such as PvP this thread would be 5x as big.
Just because it’s Arena people don’t tend to care as they rarely play it.

Neither do I. But I can assure you that when I do I still won’t be playing Arena. I’m not infecting the defence pool more than it already is. (If that’s how defence teams are picked).


I guess such a weapon might be OP, but that’s not the DawnBringer I’ve faced. In my experience DB rarely kills any of my troops on its first use-- not that I let it have a “first use” if I can prevent it!

The Barrier is annoying, but as discussed weeks ago in this thread, that’s why I favor Summer’s Fury for a weapon-- it strikes ALL opponents, removing any Barriers. Then if you’re lucky it refills itself to do real damage. :crossed_swords:

FWIW I’m pretty sure they capped DB teams as a % of the pool, and I think that percentage is 30. I think this because when I’ve measured it DB games always end up making up somewhere close to 30% of the total, and this percentage hasn’t increased in many weeks, even tho more and more players have/use DB.

If I’m right, this also suggests that the devs are happy with the DB/Arena situation as-is (just like me! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: ), since if they can control the appearance % they could have knocked it down to 25%, or 20%, or 2% if they wanted to.

That’s not a very difficult coding problem! They don’t want to fix DB because it’s not broken