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Damage dealt by Ranger (Resolved)

Platform: PC/Steam
I’m not sure this is a real bug.
What is it about?
Wel it says Ranger does 8 damage to an enemy and 8 more dealt randomly amongst all enemies boosted by enemies life. On the left I see boost ratio X4. But that is not right I think, according to me it should say: ratio 1/4 because I’ve calculated that is the damage Ranger does.

It doesn’t get boosted by enemy life, it gets boosted by enemies alive. So 8 damage to the target, and 8 + (4 * enemies alive) damage split among all enemies.


OK sorry my mistake. My only excuse is that English isn’t my native language.
Just ignore it then.

Probably best to amend the title to “Damage dealt by Ranger (Resolved)” or something similar so devs can ignore this thread and deal with other real bugs :wink: