[Not a bug] Medal of Summer works, but not reflected in description

Platform, device version and operating system:
Windows x64

Screenshot or image:

What you were expecting to happen, and what actually happened:
As you see, I have one damage described, but when I hit the enemy, it’s much more (I assume, it’s 160% from medal, but so far I couldn’t test it, as I kill everyone in one shot).

I thought, it must be mentioned somewhere in the skills description, as most buffs done, or directly multiplied in the description, as magic buffs does, no?

How often does this happen? When did it begin happening?
Well, always, since Medal of Summer introduced?

Steps to make it happen again

  • Equip Medal of Summer.
  • Deal much more damage than it’s in skill descriptions.
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all types of medals that add effects(not stats) are enabled as traits, not towards the base dmg of your troops. you should be able to see this from your trait tab on your troop/hero. in this case if you get stunned you no longer get that bonus medal spell dmg. other traits and status effect multiply dmg after your cast in the same way. (faerie fire, enrage, fireblade, etc…)

i am sure i saw this same “bug” report last month and a dev said it was working as intended but couldn’t find it. maybe someone else can point that out.

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They had it last event but I didn’t think to report it between everything else going on. Can’t remember or find a bug report from back then either. It may have been mentioned in the CoC thread but I am not wading back through all of that.

It is possible that it is because it adds a % rather than a straight number that it is treated like a boost ratio and calculated somewhere else. I think that would be consistent with how the game works.

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Ah, good, thank you, with current multiple bonus tabs (why cannot it be streamlined?), I missed it.

Hey the others sniped me before I could get here :slight_smile:
Currently listed as intended but if you want to have a feedback discussion about how to make this better I can move the thread to the feedback section if you like.

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If they dont want it moved then I do. :slight_smile: I think it would be a good idea to implement it where we can see it though I suspect it would end up being like the boost ratios and not just shown directly.

where do you want to see it though?

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Ideally directly to the card. So the stat or spell damage going up on the card rather than a little pop up to the side like the boosts do. That would be significantly easier on my poor addled brain the week after GW :smiley: If not there then something like the boost I guess. That could get complicated and need a whole new pop up for it though. I actually assumed the difficulty is why we didnt have it already.

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in my opinion, it would be great if all modifiers was seen immediately on card or ability selection:

  • Direct, unconditional bonuses goes right into card (I believe, it works like that even now). I.e. “first place” cards, one color deck, city bonuses, etc.

  • Conditional modifiers with numeric values are good at right, with resulting value (some of them are there already). I.e. we have gem count for Abynissia, bonus hit for Ubastet and boost for Egg Thief. But there is no numbers for Tina-9000 +50% skull damage from armor, nothing for Enrage numbers, etc.

  • All other modifiers would be good to shown separately anywhere. I would suggest to place them at left, just as hero traits made now - with scrollable list. Right now, for example, weapon modifiers are mixed with general descriptions of effects. Also, it cannot be scrolled, so I had to wait for unknown amount of time while it will display all modifiers, two per time. And, it would be more intuitive if hero class traits was moved from trait page to hero page, as it’s his abilities, no? In any case, I keep to lost them now and again now. (Hmm, on the other hand, it’s traits after all, and there is nothing else on this page… ok, then forfeit the hero suggestion).