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Boost - this math looks off

I had a team today that there are only 4 troops on my side (I’m the enemy) yet the boost says x5 (there are only 4 troops should be x4)

Someone please explain?

It’s x5, not +5. More specifically, it’s 5 damage for each living enemy.

The way I understood boost was the number represented number of troops/allies/enemies.

It should only be damage: 5 each then (8x4) / 4 randomly distributed. And if I lost a troop then it would be 8x3 etc…

The x5 does not make sense.

It’s [Magic + 4] damage to one enemy, then 8 + ( 5 x LivingEnemies) split amongst them. If there are 4 living enemies, then it’s 8 + 5 x 4 = 28 split damage.


Sperix is right, and his answer is correct.