Confused on some of the ratio bonuses

So i’ve been noticing this for a while and it’s not making a lot of sense. So for the multiplier boost ration like the Thorindin class weapon for the hero as a ice giant. Does like 20 splash damage x6 for x amount of giants on the board. if theres 2 giants for example should the multiplier be x12 which 20x12=240 splash damage or there’s another factor to consider here.

I’ll admit it can be confusing, the ‘X’ does not refer to the damage directly but to the amount of boost conditions met. So 2 giants would mean 2x6 bonus damage from the boost.

it would be 20+12 damage. So in your scenario it would do 32 damage to your main target and 16 damage to the 2 targets next to it.

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The way to unravel it is a little unintuitive, but you get the hang of it.

It usually says, “Boosted by {something}”. That means the boost ratio is multiplied by the something.

So let’s set the stage. Suppose there are 2 giants, and it says “20 damage, boosted by the number of giants” with a ratio of 6x. The damage formula is:

20 + (number of giants) * 6 = 20 + 2 * 6 = 32

I can’t think of a situation where the actual damage is multiplied from memory. I know godslayers/siegebreakers do it, but that’s inside the ability text, not a boost ratio. I think every case uses the “boosted by {something}” terminology.

I Think that make sense with your explanation. Because I knew something was off the way how the game interpreted it. “1:1, 1:2, etc” <thats easy to figure out. “x6” was confusing but I forgot that version of multiplication is really x • 6 so if there are 2 giants it only adds 20 + 12 to 32. I had a brain fart in math, thanks for clearing that up for me.

I feel like there’s one more form that’s sort of confusing but despite it being almost a week I’ve had to think about it, I haven’t figured out which one it is.