What does boost mean?

For example, my Templar increases armor to all allies by +1. Boosted by all red gems. I know the more red gems I have, greater the boost. But what is the math involved? How is the boost calculated for this case and other cards?

Click on the card in “Troop” screen … right hand side has boxes to explain how “Boosts” are calculated …

Some troops are 4:1, some are 3:1, some are 2:1, some are 1:1 and others are x2 (1:2) …


Might be you dont see those boxes unless you activated the corresponding checkbox in the options menu.

Not 100% certain

I’ve noticed some cards show boost ratio 3:1 and that was another thing I wanted to ask. Not sure what it means. Another problem is this info only very rarely shows up on the screen. What does this boost ratio mean to my templar? Suppose there are 5 red gems on the board when I activate its power. Or 10 red gems. Give me a real example pls.

It means every 3 of that colour on the board = 1 point for armour 3:1 would mean for every 3 of that colour on the board you gain +1 armour if there’s 5 you would still only gain 1 armour but 6,9,12 will add +1 or what ever your card ability is

Oh I get it, divide the gems on the board by 3. Thanks.

Ok,can I chime in. My Bombot has 24 armor normal,and deals 8 damage to all enemies boosted by its armor with a 2:1 boost ratio what is the damage dealt to a single enemy?

8 base + 12(1 point for every 2 armour, so 12 from armour) = 20 damage to all enemies.


Wow that was quick,thanks ,!

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Forgive me for posting my content, but I have a nice video on the subject :slight_smile:

Boost discussion begins around 0:40

( https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JMZOzqKKreA )

You can find my “Core Strategy Series” on my YT channel or over here: Gems of War - Core Strategy Series (All Platforms)

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