Stone Giant broken?

Stone Giant’s ability is listed as “Deal [Magic + 3] damage to a random enemy, and remove all Red Gems to boost damage. [3:1]”

My [Magic + 3] = 14. So if I read the ability correctly, I will do 14 + (#RedGems x 3) damage.

However, I have been monitoring it the past 24 hours and if anything I’m getting less than 1x # red gem damage.

e.g. 8 red gems on the board, I fire off Stone Giant’s ability, expecting somewhere around 14 + (8 x 3) = 38 damage…and instead, I get 16 damage!

Is this broken or am I way off base in understanding how damage works…?


A 3:1 boost ratio is 3 red gems for one extra damage (rounded down). A x3 boost ratio would be three damage per red gem.


Thank you - that precisely nailed my question. I was looking at Ranger and it’s boost ratio = “x4”. I was misreading Stone Giant as x3 not 3:1.