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Daily Tasks should have more variety

Yesterday I got my first set of daily tasks. Among them was “Win battles using 3 unique Rogue troops”. So I built a team and had a little fun.

Today I got my next set of tasks. Among them was “Win battles using 3 unique Rogue troops.” OK, sure, I already had the team, so I did it. Then I had “use 3 gem keys” which was silly so I asked for a new task. I got “Win battles using 3 unique Rogue troops.”


I don’t think I should be able to get the same task twice in the same day. I think it’s dubious that I can get the same task on consecutive days.

Having done daily tasks daily for two and a half years now, I think that what you experienced is extremely rare. Tasks are random, so this will certainly happen now and again, but I would say just be thankful that it wasn’t a 15 battles with a construct team that you got 3 days in a row. And maybe give it a couple weeks to see the range of tasks before concluding that they need to change the system. Now that we can re-roll any single task that we don’t like, I’d much rather keep the opportunity to randomly receive a favorable task multiple times in a row than lose it.


Yeah I can see either side, I’m sort of interested in, “Do most people think this is OK, or is it something that makes us not so happy?” Seemed like something people would have different opinions.

honestly, I feel the opposite. daily tasks should have LESS variety. I dont want to be forced to torment myself with a team from a certain kingdom that has no synergy within itself at all for 2000 gold. If I just don’t do it - it stays there until I do or use my ONE skip for it only to get a similar punishment for 2 maps. :face_vomiting:

I’m not used to the reroll option. aciddently tossed my 75 wins for use 3 gem keys… Whoops. I will be more careful in the future.

I also was able to do the set of tasks before the patch went through so I was able to do them twice that day.

15 Constructs task twice. Getting pretty good at it now.

The tasks are boring and repetitive but you can do on easy and in explore and knock them out rather quick. The best way imo.

They are good for quick and easy resources and one of my favorite parts of the game.


Sure, that’s fine. I was just sharing my opinion. Having lived with a system for over 2 years where I knew that I would not get a new task until I completed the existing one has taught me which tasks I hate and which ones I can live with. Now that I know that I can, once a day, just wipe a crappy task away, I don’t know what to do with myself. I mean, I know that the first time I see a task that I can’t complete (trait a troop), or 15 constructs, or a task with a reward of maps, I’m skipping it, but outside of that, I just bang them out. In 3 days of tasks since the update, I still haven’t re-rolled one.

They already gave us a mechanism for minimizing how bad the tasks will be, so I don’t want them further messing with a system that generally works. If you get a repeat that you don’t like, just use the re-roll. If you have two tasks that you can’t do or can’t bear to do, reroll one and wait until tomorrow.


I got the “3 Rogues” task again today. Am I just going to get it every day?

So far i didn’t had any task repeating itself or used the button to change a task. But i saw another thread/post mentioning repeating tasks after using the daily change.

I haven’t had that bad of luck yet with the same team request, but look at it this way, if you are able to finish those easily and quickly, that’s nice free easy loot (gems?! :slight_smile: coming your way, be thankful. Today I have to do Match 5 gems 100 times, doable, but nowhere as quick as a few games done with a composition team. They also said that the playerbase loves to make new teams, so that’s the reasoning behind the daily tasks being alot of wins with X team.