Daily, contributing player! So many options, convince me!

Level 22, daily player and contributing.

Tired of being in guilds where 80% of its members are inactive. There’s so many options on here that I’m a bit overwhelmed. Going to take the easy route and make you guys come to me.

Hysterria13 on xbox one

You could join a top guild…I’m sure they’d have you.

If you’d like, you’re more than welcome to join us though! We are active…we’re one of the steadily climbing guilds. Just about to cross into the 300s. I sent you a request in the game :slightly_smiling:

The best option would be the top guild indeed. My own guild is already a champion one but a lots of members are getting inactive so I am pretty much kicking most of them out. So if you want to join my guild - can be on high guild with a chance to speedily climb up the ranks. Dont need high contribution as nowadays gold still flies msotly to kingdoms leveling, so just high activity is enough.

:stuck_out_tongue: let us lower level guilds have some players eh? hehe

If you had been PC I would have been more convincing :slightly_smiling:
I hope you find the guild you’re looking for.

Don’t know if your still looking or not but we need some more players (currently 10/22 just moved up into gold leagues, in just under 3 weeks!, promotions can be earned if you contribute enough gold/trophies, let me know if you fancy it.
Will try and add you, Guild name Grizzlies, gamer tag Rosco122 if not best of luck!