Critical issue: Battles or purchases are often not updated in real-time in most cases

Platform: PC, Steam client
Game version: (bug was introduced since update)
Game language: English
Operating system: Windows 7 (64-bit) Home Premium Service Pack 1

What happened?
This is an old issue that only started happening since the update was first released.
Game progress is not properly recorded in real-time. You often must switch or click on another part of the interface and then return back to it to see the change that should have happened automatically.
This can also cause strange messages and errors when it happens if you repeat the battle that you already completed. If you check the video, you will see what the problem is.

The ONLY SOLUTION is to immediately restart the game and hope that it will not happen again.
There were no connection or other ISP-related issues, so this is something that’s happening in the game.

Video: (example shown here)

(Battle Stage 2, 1st battle started, but I was still seeing Stage 1, battle 5 in the menu, Rewards, etc.)

This is linked to all the following events:

  • Pet Rescue Events that were completed were often not marked or checked when in the battle menu screen for all 8 battles or after a complete battle (real-time).

  • Shop Tiers upgrades that were bought were not updated to indicate that you purchased that item at tha time. The only solution is to change the interface and then click back on it again to see it as you should.

  • Same goes for the Disenchantment screen - Troop cards that were sold, were not properly updated in real-time.

  • Invasion / Raid Event / Reward screen

  • Weapon upgrades screen. (error message)

  • Troops screen or leveling screen. (ascensions, level up issue, restart is needed in such cases)

Additional notes:

  • This also applies to Delves and the Store or Reward section there, and the Trophy upgrades!
    Here’s one example:

Screenshot: (I bought 5 purple trophies, but the count did not decrease, deduct.)
When I tried to do the same, I was greeted with an error message.

  • This also applies to the Class Event and the Reward section - Assassin (as shown in a video)

  • Unsure about the other events, but I suppose it’s the same issue and probably happening.

  • Hopefully, no Sigils are consumed when it happens.

  • If you get this issue in the Shop, you will get some kind of error message.

  • Keep in mind that you may not get the error messages in all cases.

How to replicate this bug: (it may not be related)

  • Play the game for a while, while doing Pet Rescue Events, Explore Battles and PvP (Ranked battles), then try to play the Class Event - (estimated time: 1-2 hour/s)
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I would ask @Kafka or @Cyrup to comment on this, regardless of a new updated policy.

Also, I forgot to mention above that this issue also happened once or twice in the weapon upgrades screen. This must be a general issue that causes all these things, not an isolated one.

Okay, you fixed the issue, but I am still getting the issue when the event won’t be properly updated in real time. I often need to select a different section or even exit the game.


I ascended a troop from Level 19 to 20.
The statistical window for 4 attributes did not display any statistics. It was without any animation.
I was still able to close it normally.

Pet Rescue event will no longer display error messages, but it will occasionally still not immediately update the battle (check mark) when it’s finished, the interface section.

Same issues goes for Guild Statues. I had to re-enter the screen to see a proper Legendary Task window after all the statues were fully upgraded.

Same goes for the Guild Seals. Using a Clan Orb or a Major Clan Orb, will not instantly update the number of Guild Seals, but you will have to leave the interface and get back to it.

Same goes for the Event Rewards. Often the reward, let’s say no. 10, will not get instantly checked, window or greyed out, so that you can’t click on it again. The only solution is again to revisit that section.

It’s seems that the game have some troubles when updating events that occur in real-time - the interface. At least the error messages are gone now, but it’s still not as it should have been or like it once was.

Just wondering if this has been fixed or not. It seems it’s ok on steam now, but I have the same issue on iPhone.

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I can confirm your observation.
I haven’t encountered any more issues on Steam since the latest update, but I can’t comment about other platforms. I only play on PC. I think it may be fixed now, but I can’t 100% vouch for it.

@Kafka will definitely know more. Hopefully, she will give us some feedback about this.

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It’s not. It just happened again today and I haven’t been playing any matches.

The Tower of Doom Event:


Status update: (possible related issue or a trigger)

I think that this issue could be related or triggered when you are or you were connected in the Global or Guild Chat. Soon after I exited and disconnected myself from it, I saw the issue with the Class Event again. Finished battles were not checked.

I have to post this again. I have a strong suspicion that the issue with the Interface, where you need to switch from one window option to the other, or even completely exit the interface, or even the game in some cases, is caused when you connect to the Global Chat. After closing the Guild and Global chat, I had this issue immediately when a Pet Rescue popped in.

This is affecting all normal game operation, even the Tributes, where you donate Gold to Legendary Tasks, etc.

This issue IS NOT LISTED in the Known Issues List!

It wasn’t listed because it was believed to be fixed in one of the latest updates. It’s recently come to our attention that it is not in fact fixed so I will be adding it back there. (This is specifically about the Pet Rescues).

Please also note, that this is a visual issue only. You can play to battle 8 without the screen updating.

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That is true. You can play at least, but the issue is still there and it’s not isolated to PR only, but pretty much spread across all the interface, like, collecting rewards for close portals, Bounty, Delves, and all the other stuff. Either you need to completely exit the interface, not just change it, but sometimes even this will not be enough, so a game restart is required.

P.S.: I am not a broken record.

No one said you’re a broken record?

I haven’t seen the issue in other areas of the game for a long time now, we fixed these issues when they appeared. No new reports outside of Pet Rescue either except your post.

When/where was the last time you had the issue outside of Pet Rescue?

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I wasn’t referring to you.
I pretty much said it twice in two different threads, that’s why I placed the “P.S.” note.

As for the Pets, yes, it happened this week as well, but I have a suspicion that it may only had happened because I had the chat opened recently, when I typed a few sentences in it, then closed it, both Guild and Global chat. It may be related, but I can’t be sure at this time.

You need to enable the chat, then type something in, then disable it, and then try to get a Pet Rescue.

I just had this issue in the faction event last week and ToD today, ios 12.4. It’s pretty bad when it happed in ToD event, because you will waste sigils by following wrong floor map.

Tower of Doom, Bounty and Faction event, among others. Not entirely sure about when I encountered it last, I’ve started to jump through hoops to avoid it, see below.

Maybe players gave up on reporting it because multiple reports exist already, without any apparent update? I encounter the issue several times each week, always after getting disconnected from global chat. I now often restart the game after disconnects, or stay out of global entirely, some of the rarer side effects can apparently be rather harsh when they hit you.

I’m bugged by this bug as well, a lot. I’ll add that, when it happens, you cannot even level up or trait your tropps anymore without them (only visually, of course) staying the same without reflecting the change.

I did the most comprehensive bug report about this. It’s affecting everything, including the stats or leveling up for the troops, weapon upgrades, purchases. Check my original post above.

The only difference is that we no longer get error screens for Tokens and Pet Rescue events, and Delve upgrades, most likely. The rest is fully the same, so this means that it’s now a visual issue only.

It’s annoying when it happens, @Kafka, that’s why I notified that this issue is not fully resolved when such delays with interface issues still occur from time to time.