Visual bug, but the kind that Frank's people over

Heard stories of it before, but just saw it with my own eyes about 10 minutes ago
I started today on Floor 10 of Tower of Doom…I finished the boss battle and it still said Floor 10. By then I forgot that I was already on floor 10. Did what I thought was a Haste Room but it was an Armor room… Because I was on Floor 11 actually.
I double checked discord and GoW before starting a floor. So I know with 100% certainty that it said Floor 10 and not 11. No SS because all you will see is the correct floor now.
Happened to another fAWRmily member yesterday. Prior to 4.4 I only heard of folks who change guilds having issues like this.
I use a Samsung Galaxy S9+, Android.
The other player uses Android as well but I don’t know what device his is. If it happens again I’ll be doing an actual ticket since this bug is costing me sigils and therefore possibly rewards.

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And voila…
Visual proof… As said I was on floor 11.
Just finished the floor…

And it said Floor 11 again.
I took a picture of the first room for any doubters.

Then I clicked overview and back to the floors.

And again… To vanquish any doubt.

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Does the visual glitch also show the incorrect/old “Dooms Defeated” value?

I notice in your floor eleven screenshot you have 12 dooms defeated but on your floor twelve screenshot you have 13 dooms defeated (which in theory is a possible thing to happen assuming you got a raven on floor eleven.)

Actually , I met this issue before, but the difference is during I play rescue pet.
It always show first stage, never got next , I defeat it again and again . and pass 8 stage at first stage . LOL.
re-login game , this issue was gone.

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Probably related to the other glitches where things don’t update unless you restart the game.

It’s easy to workaround! Just restart the game after every match. Hope you’re not listening to music.

Correct. It’s not showing that I got a luck scroll or defeated a Doom until I make the screen refresh.

Restarting the game seems to fix it. At least stop it from continuously happening.

This is definitely one of the more annoying bugs in the game right now for sure.

I stayed up and grinded way past my bed time to make the bug appear again. So it looks like it requires a restart at least every 2 hours before the visual bug kicks in.

This is the issue I was talking about months ago, Tower of Doom included.

That’s an ancient issue, where the communication between the client and the server lags out. Happens pretty much everywhere in the game, from menus, to matches and chat.

Remember those annoying killed troops that were still alive, or the winning a match with one enemy troop left, or the troop getting killed many seconds after the killing blow was landed?
This is exactly the same issue, translated in ToD.

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They should fix it or upgrade the servers.

I’ve had it happen to me before on Xbox, restarting the game fixed it. When I started the tower run, I did not restart the game but brought it back from ‘sleep’ on the xbox.

Restarting the game will fix the issue, but will not eliminate it. if you’re unlucky it can trigger again.
You don’t really have to play for prolonged time periods or at all to get it again.