Pet rescue is stuck

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The pet rescue battles r stuck on the first battle…you can do all 8 battles from the first one…after the battle was over i recieved 4 pets which makes him mythic but pet will not upgrade…there have been several members complain about the pet rescue screen being stuck just thought you should know…thanks

Lol thank you im struggling with there forum

You need to be way more specific, provide screenshots.
So, you’re saying that you won all 8 battles and got 4 Mythic pets? Well, do you see the ascend symbol on your Pet? If you don’t have it, you likely need to get at least one more copy.

I can confirm that the same thing happened to me on iOS about an hour or two ago.

After winning the first pet battle I was brought back to the selection screen, but the win didn’t show and my only option was to fight the first battle. I selected it. The enemy stats were more in line with a normal second battle and after winning, the rewards screen showed that it was the second battle. Then when I clicked to continue I was again given only the option to fight the first battle. At that point I restarted the game and when it reloaded the battle screen showed correctly that I was on the third battle. After that everything progressed normally.

I thought to capture screen shots but didn’t think they would prove anything…just separate shots of a starting pet battle and a second battle won.

What’s the Pet you didn’t get? @Rashel @zzyzx

We’re looking into an issue where the Pet Fight menu does not update immediately after you have fought a battle. For example, you may be up to battle 8, but the Fight tab says they’re only up to battle 4.
If they select battle 4 it opens battle 8.

If this is your issue: How long did you have the game open for before this happened?
Did you notice any other lag or connection issues?

@Cyrup Yes, that sounds like what happened to me. Fight tab kept showing battle 1 even after battles 1 and 2 had been completed. Once I realized something was wonky, I restarted the game to see if it would help, and it did. When I returned to the fight tab it showed correctly as battle 3. I then proceeded to fight battle 3 and all the subsequent battles. In the end, I did receive my pet (couldn’t tell you now which one it was).

I think it’s safe to say I had probably been logged in for a while before this happened (hours not days). I don’t remember any lag, connection issues or anything else out of the ordinary.

Its a issue every where. The collect tab stays active also even after collecting rewards . If you exit out it updates. As far as rewards i have gotten everything

I do enjoy collecting stage 8 rewards over and over again though

I was joking on last post but i guarantee it fixed quick now.

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@Cyrup Just a heads up that it has happened again, just now. Won my first pet battle and was brought back to the fight tab showing I was still on the first battle…

Selected Battle 1 a second time, but fought and won Battle 2…

Got back to the Fight tab and again only had the option to select Battle 1…

Restarted the game, everything showed up correctly and I was able to finish the rescue like normal.

I’d been logged in maybe 5 hours, but not continuously playing. No signs of lag or other issues. I happened to be fighting in Delves (Crypt Keepers) when the rescue popped up.

Hope it helps…


Hi @zzyzx! Thanks for the information. Does it make a difference if you return to the Guild > Tasks and Seals when this issue happens, rather than restarting? unfortunately I don’t have any other news on a fix at this point :frowning:

I’ll give it a try if it happens again.

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I need to tell you that this bug is real. Please, read this entirely. :slight_smile:
There’s also a few very similar things that’s probably related to the same issue, described above.

I just collected the Invasion rewards, up to Stage 4 only, but the button or option Collect did not grey out, was not disabled, so I was able to click on it repeatedly. No extra rewards were given, but this just confirms the issue is real and more widespread (Pet Rescue Event /Invasion/Bounty?/Raid?Stage Rewards/Shop Tiers/etc.?).

This issue can also happen sometimes in the Troop selection screen.
I ascended a Card from Legendary status to Mythic, but nothing happened. The card was still at Legendary status. I had to restart the game so that it was at Mythic status so that I was able to upgrade it to Level 20.

I also tested the Disenchantment feature - selling excess troop cards.
I sold a few Dooms, but I never received any extra souls (5), nor did the number of that troop decrease. I think it counted later after a game restart.
There was also no message to indicate that there was some sort of a problem, because it was not a connection issue. So, again, only the game restart then showed the proper number of disenchanted troops - Dooms.

This issue can happen in the Pet Rescue screen, where a Pet battle that was just completed, did not count. Same goes for the Shop Tiers. I bought Tier I, but it was not properly registered in the Pet Shop.
Had to restart to see theTier I bought, etc.

Of course, the only thing that fixed this was a complete restart of the game. And no, connection wasn’t the issue here. That’s the first thing I checked.

I think that this issue started with 4.3 update, not before that.

It is on the list of known issues. There is no fix announced, but they are aware.

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@Cyrup I realize it’s been a while, but it finally happened again…so if you’re still interested…

This time I backed out of the rescue and went into the Guild menu (tasks & seals) as you suggested. It did fix the issue, but only temporarily. When I returned to the pet battle it did show the completed battle in the fight tab, but after fighting the next pet battle it didn’t show the second battle had been completed. I repeated the process a second time with the same results. As before, restarting the game fixed the issue for all the remaining battles.

I reported this bug several times some time ago.
I don’t think you can do much more, unless if you wish to provide the output file when you exit the game.

Yeah, I understand. Figured it’s all kinda moot at this point, but a question was asked and I was finally able to answer. I’m stubborn that way. :grin:

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Btw, here’s the report: