Results don't update until after another action

Gems of War on a 9.7" iPad Pro with iOS version 12.2.

For a variety of functions, the state shown on the screen does not change until I leave the immediate display and then return.


  • Defeating a level in pet rescue does not show the next level as available to play – and it can’t be selected – until switching to some other tab (rewards or whatever) and then returning.
  • Defeating a champion in the Class Trial not only fails to show that champion as defeated but will allow me to select them for battle a second time. (Gives an error message of “class event double complete 0” if I actually try to fight them again.)

This problem is also seen for things such as task contributions and troop trait updates.

The trigger seems to be getting disconnected from chat, restarting the game fixes it (till the next disconnect). It’s been reported as bug in the past (e.g. Pet rescue is stuck).

Thanks I’ve updated the bug report for the team with this new report :frowning:

For the pet rescue progress issue even if it shows you’re on battle 1, if you’re really up to battle 8 it will take you to battle 8 when you select battle 1 if that makes sense.

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I think this is the issue that’s related to all such problems, including the Pet Rescue Event, however, I did not spot it (yet) in the Update.

I am adding this video on several places to ensure that it won’t get missed.

This happened today during the Tower of Doom Event. Imagine what would have happened, if I would actually press the button for a second time!

This issue is widespread all across Gems of War. This includes any action done to troops, trophies, purchases, Pet Events, and anything else related to that.

So from experience, I can tell you that if you tried to purchase Tier II again, it would say that you’ve already purchased it and prevent you from doing so.

I think this applies to basically all the aforementioned scenarios, except for being able to repeat the 8th Pet Battle indefinitely (within the time limit). You don’t get any bonus rewards for doing so, anyway. It’s sometimes possible to repeatedly click ‘Collect’ on the Rewards, but it doesn’t do anything.

It can definitely be confusing, though.

There’s one situation where it can hurt you quite a bit, when you go brain afk in the Bounty event and keep repeating the same low score battle until you get a strong enough déjà-vu feeling. In my defense, the Bounty event seems to be designed specifically to make me go brain afk. :face_with_raised_eyebrow: