Version 4.3.5 bugs/issues

Here’s another one for the pile. Did you know that the tabs at the right hand side of the screen (for mail, events, etc.) have individual names?

The only way to access them (edit: on iOS) is to click the place where the tab would be as you dismiss another UI element. So (1) click on the “events” tab to bring up the events menu. (2) Click where the “events” tab would be to dismiss the events menu. (3) Notice the word next to the icon, which has never been visible before now!


When in windowed mode, this is what you get in 1280 x 1024

In 1280 by 960 you get this


I am not sure if I should post this here or not, but there’s another related issue with the interface.

Here’s the screenshot, which is pretty much self-explanatory.

Red Summoning (outlined, incorrect and incomplete text)

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For the record, this image from another thread is pretty much what I’m seeing on my iPad with the Filter:

I’m not getting any mobile notifications since the 4.3.5 update
sometimes had issues with them before with them being delayed or whatnot
but I havn’t gotten a single one since the update


Yep. No Android notifications here, either. Only ones I have on are Pet Rescue and Tribute, but I’m getting nothing since the update. Note that notifications are off on iPad and PC, which is where I actually play – I only use Android for the notifications, and to collect tribute when I’m out.


To add insult to injury, game version 4.3.5 did not fix the missing tags for Revenge battles/Rival thing.
Often when I re-entered the PvP screen, then I see that tag. I guess I’ll have to wait for 4.4 or 4.5 or 5.0.


That’s pretty much how I use my notifications, really sucks to not get the pet rescue ones


I also wanted to add that I too am using Android (v. 8.1.0) and have not gotten notifications since the new update. I have confirmed with some guildmates as well that use Android. Do the devs know? @Saltypatra @Cyrup @Ozball

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Don’t forget to check the Known Issues list if you’re experiencing an issue and not sure what to do:

Known Issues:

We also mentioned quite some time ago on the Known Issues list it wasn’t possible to fix the Rival/Revenge tags in PVP until 4.4.

Unfortunately we were too far into production for 4.3.5 to slot it into that update.

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This is an issue I posted as a bug report:

It didn’t happen until 4.3.5.

Thank you for your reply on both the Android Alert and Rival/Revenge issues.

I’m afraid there are two reasons I do not normally check the “Known Issues List”:

  1. I don’t know how to find it, and do not remember any obvious links to it during the bug submission process.
  2. Over the last decade, I have submitted in excess of 250 bug reports across at least three games (perhaps as many as 50 for Gems of War). This is the very first time that a bug I have submitted was already in the Known Issues List.

Nonetheless, I will try to remember that it exists, in future.

In the meantime, I would strongly recommend that you remove the “Win 3 Revenge Battles” quest (and any others that are similar) from the potential list of Daily Quests, until the bug is fixed. It should be easy to do as part of a content update.

Thank you.

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Another screen bug, not necessarily visual. Not seen anything on this one, apologies if replicated.

Since the last few days, on Pc Steam I am unable to click on my own profile in PVP to look at my stats/wins/streaks. I can do this for all other players in Top 100.

After messing around for a while, I found a workaround. To fix you have to mess around clicking on casual, stats, defenders and it will randomly work as normal. It used to work just fine before. Moving in and out of PVP does not fix it.

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So apparently, there is still a way to identify Revenge battles: the projected Glory rewards are higher than they would otherwise be!

I found this out from a veteran player.

I cannot imagine why it wasn’t the first thing the devs told us to look for, as a temporary work-around until patch 4.4 (when it will hopefully be fixed).

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Little downgrade in 4.3.5 its not possible anymore to change sound volume during a battle.

It may still be possible, but you have to click through two levels of menu, with icons at opposite extremes of the screen. I don’t understand this kind of UI design.

Anyway, try clicking the top-right cog to open the battle info screen, then click the top-left cog to get to settings. If adjusting volume doesn’t work at that point (eg: slider won’t move or gets ignored until after battle ends), I suggest posting a separate bug report.

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I guess you are on PC? I forgot to say that I am on Xbox. Sorry. When I select in battle the option menu, it now only show the mana masteries, gold, soul earned…and only possible option to select is to retreat the battle.


Oh dear. That’s very poor. Tut-tut. :smiley:

I think it works if you press Start a second time? I use an Xbox controller on PC.