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Creative contest- Create a Card - Step one: Themes

This is not related to the project being lead by Janius, hence why it has another name.

I was thinking about starting this at some point, not exactly today, but since i was “ninja’ed” by Jainus who is handling the official project i felt that i could do this one just for fun. It’s noticeable how people were excited about the idea of making their own troops/cards and my personal project could work as a place to put all this creativity to good use.

I don’t think the cards we create on this project will be part of the game, so let’s keep this in mind to not get frustrated with such high expectatives.

But, who knows? Maybe the devs could look into what we did and decide to fix it into the “fridge’s door” at some point, but let’s try to have some healthy/creative fun, sharing our crayons and stuff like good boys, girls, dragons, dogs, fishes, birds, helicopters and/or whatever you are. :stuck_out_tongue:

Let’s start this with a pool about the theme of our cards. I’ll add some details about what each theme means:

  • Halloween: This theme is self-explanatory really, will you design a fun card like Bunni’Nog? Maybe get a more serious approach with some classic halloween monster. The card don’t need to be exclusive to Ghulvania, you can put some classic monsters in any kingdom.

  • Deep Sea: “What Is Dead May Never Die”. From abyssal horrors to pirates we can design a lot of cool stuff based on the sea.

  • Divine Intervention: Do you like angels as much as i like mangos? No, it’s impossible! Seriously, we have Mercy and Valor so far and what would be your idea for another divine brother or sister for them?

  • What is love?: (Baby don’t hurt me…): Gar’Nok and Dimetraxia can’t be the only ones to fall in love in Krystara, why we don’t think about the “other half” for some of our favorite characters? Not restricted to any rarity.

  • Nemesis: Some can love and some will simply hate… It’s mostly like the previous, but on this case we will create cards/troops that are sworn enemies to someone or something.

I think this is enough for us to work out, if anyone has a suggestion for a theme you can post here, BUT… It’ll have to wait for the end of this first contest, this is an experiment so let’s learn and have fun together. I’ll probably take the second most voted theme and put it into the next contest as well. I’ll decide about this later and maybe add some more rules.

  • Halloween.
  • Deep Sea.
  • Divine Intervention.
  • What is Love?
  • Nemesis.

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Taking this post for future edits and stuff.

This is halloween, this is halloween


Deep Sea (Really hope we get an underwater kingdom some day.)


Very few votes so far. Bump!

Sorry, not to be rude or anything but I feel like this just call is way too closely on the heels of the other event going on so I’m not really all that involved.


I can understand that, but people were very eager to design a troop already, and my intent was to provide “a place” for all that creativity. Jainus is handling well the project, but only one card will come out of it, and thinking about it, some may even be unhappy with the result of all votes, but that’s life.
Here everyone can “breath life” into their ideas, sharing cool interesting stuff with everyone. It’s ok if you can’t/don’t want to join for now. :slight_smile:

I’ll probably close this poll tomorrow and move forward with the next steps then, since it’s a casual project we can hurry a little and probably learn a thing or two in the process.

I was about to close the poll today, but figured it would be better to wait a little. The official project was closed temporalily, due to some legal stuff that needs to be sorted out, wich means that more people would want to come here and join. And since it’s better be safer than sorry i want to lure a "wild @Sirrian " with the smell of fresh fried bacon and eggs… (Kraven knows everything about luring wild stuff.)
… to be sure if this project can continue or should be paused too. Personally because i think there’s a possible issue with the usage of pictures draw by others, even as reference. Maybe the “legal stuff team” could answer that.