Create a group full of guild leaders

Since there ocurred a lot of problems and misbehaves I would suggest, that all important guild leaders start a community. This will make things way more easier and we can talk directly to each other. Would like to hear some other opinions about this topic, leave a commennt. Greets Clutch (Lost Winds)


I think this is a good idea. As long as folks play ball. Who would be the moderator in this group though clutch? It would be a great way to pick up tips and advice from other guilds, loan members, recruitment etc when someone wants to cool down for a while they could swap to a less hardcore guild and vice versa.

Yeah, you get my point. I would say we should pick someone who is high active on the forum and the game

Most of the leaders of the top PS guilds are already here. Why not just start a conversation, either in an open thread, or using the PM system?

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Yeah sounds good :slight_smile:

Here here! Let the blacklisting begin! :slight_smile:

Leave ingame name and guild + Rank here :slight_smile:

Lol, I’ll go first, may as well the top of something
Daniel (nephilim) guild leader
Currently 12th