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Guild Overhaul - PgBelgium - Any & All Welcome!

Looking for active members to remake guild! I’m tired of being the only one playing anymore and I am giving my guild a overhaul. If you are interested in making something together to be proud of let me know. Guild was rank 140 a couple months ago but I had to take time off to have a baby and it went to help cuz I wasn’t up their butts pushing them to participate. Either msg me here with invite code or pm me on ps4 @ floods8833. Hope to hear from u soon and to get to work making a kick a** guild!

Hi @MurphyKatt,

if u want a active guild with full Players join with us our Guild “Eder and Friends”. If you want more Information about the requests and our rank than write me a message :smiley:

Kind regards Jenny

I appreciate the invite and will keep it in mind. I’ve been thinking about joining a more active & competitive guild for awhile but I worked so hard to become guild leader here and I don’t want to give up just yet, even if I was handed a failing guild. Thank you again for the invite but I’m going give it a little longer before I disband or hand the torch to someone else.