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LF active guild, lvl 504

Free due to break up of current guild. Lvl 504, daily player. Looking for active guild who kick inactive players. I have paid off all kingdoms.



sorry you are ps4,just saw it,ignore my message :blush:

@iLL619 He might like it with us I’m not sure… Check the Genr8AfterMath thread ^.^!

Not cool to commit interest then join another shitty guild and not answer my messages smfh

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Sorry, my fault I got impatient and posted to global chat, got a tonne of interest, and accepted one. Good luck guys xx

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That’s alright, no offence taken here ^.^/… hope all is well and everything goes smoothly for ya :3

Impatient I replied to you quickly. Good luck with you better guild soon as you stop producing they will boot u