Crashing Guild Wars

I’m running on an iPad 3 with latest IOS and every time I go into the Guild Wars screen, I get the ‘waiting’ and then after maybe a few minutes I can click around.

The problem I’m having is every time I buy a sentinel upgrade, the system hangs for about a minute and half the time it crashes and I have to restart. Its taken me almost an hour just to upgrade my sentinels. I’m hoping this is a one time thing and this isn’t going to happen every week.

Upgrading my sentinels this morning on mobile was notably slow, but not a minute and a half to then only freeze. I’m wondering if it’s a server + iOS issue.

Same here. It takes about 30 sec loading to buy a level on sentinel which is bad.

I had a very similar experience to you - slow but no freezing. I’m also on an iPad Pro with the last iOS.

Steam (Win 7 64 bit) here - also buying Sentinels was slow. No hanging up though.

In addition, I run on a rather spotty connection that I have no power to improve at this time(I live in the jungle) and the client is crashing for me a lot during the loading phase of switching to Guild Wars and doing things in Guild Wars tabs. In addition it’s happening in PVP so I’m hoping I’m not going to lose all my matches tomorrow because my client crashes while loading.

To blame my internet connection is the wrong idea, the game was simply not crashing anywhere near this much before that last patch on Sunday and I PVPed all week the last 3 weeks since the Guild Wars update on the very same connection with little to no crashing.