Crashing when going into guild wars fight

Anyone else having this problem on ps4? Seems to have been effecting my guild all day.

We had server issues yesterday, devs claim it was only for a few hours “in the morning”, at least for them. Was afternoon in NA. I haven’t tried getting on yet today, but it does seem that the influx of people logging into the game to do their GW battles each day is potentially too much for their current server count to handle. So we might see login problems like this for another few days, for a few hours or so each day.

But, on the bright side, if it is server based, it should be cleared up in a few hours, at worst. They know the issue now, after all.

I can log in and play normal pvp or explore with no problem, it’s just attempting to start a guild wars fight that causes a full crash, not just a log out. It’s happening to all my guild on random opponents.

My advice is to submit a support ticket here

Good luck🍀