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iOS crashes in GW

My game is crashing multiple times per week since the recent forging update. I’m on iOS 10.3.3.
The biggest problem is losing matches during Guild Wars. The software thinks I’ve quit, it registers it as a loss.
This seems to happen most often when I’ve cast a card that’s resulting in multiple gem matches/cascades. In any other part of the game, it wouldn’t matter, but you can’t go back in GW.

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  1. Totally with you on the frustration with GW losses due to crashes.
  2. You can “workaround” this issue by lowering Graphics Quality … on my iPhone 6, putting it to “Rare”, Animation Speed 2x, and Blur OFF fixed all crashing issues during battles.
    • NOTE: Animation speed probably doesn’t matter: These crashes are caused by the game using too much phone memory.
  3. There’s another crash to be aware of: if you lock / turn off the phone while the game is on screen, you will crash the game on phone unlock. Workarounds include:
    • Minimize app before locking / turning off screen. (BEST)
    • If you forget to minimize before locking, launch a different app from the lock screen to avoid crash, then resume game. (MEH)
    • Turn on “Power Save” in game settings. (Least pleasant… game gets choppy looking.)

Mostly I just wish the game would save/restore a match state between crashes!