Crash loading Victory Screen resulting in loss

Twice now when I have won a match, just when the Victory Screen is supposed to load the game crashes and when I go back in to the game it has counted as a loss.
At first I though nothing of it, the game does crash for me every now and then outside of combat, but now twice in a week after a win. The first time resulted in a GW loss, the second in the end of a Delve, so both pretty annoying especially as I had already won!
I am playing on an iPhone 6S, this Victory Screen loading crash has only started happening about a week ago, possibly with the latest update? Not sure.
Thanks for an otherwise great game!

Hi @Rastabaxus! I’m sorry this happened :frowning: Unfortunately I can’t reimburse for delve/guild war rewards but I have sent some general compensation to your game.

If this keeps happening please submit a ticket to support here where we can help with technical issues.

Thanks Cyrup for the reply. The issue hasn’t happened again, fingers crossed, touch wood etc… If it does, I’ll raise a ticket. Cheers!

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