Game crashes after each PvP victory

I play on an ipad 2.

After each PvP victory with the new update, I see the rewards screen fine. Then when the kingdom background is displayed while the game returns to the PvP menu, it crashes. Every time so far.

For the record, this used to happen before also, but not until I had completed 5 or so matches (I didn’t keep an exact count.) When it crashed before, I usually logged back in to discover that I had been attacked. It was slightly annoying, but I did get my 5 battles at a time in before I had to start over, so I was able to live with it.

yeah got the same thing and in addition this:

And another error (without screenshot) “connection to MONGO DAtabase could not be established”

This is still happening. The game crashes back to the “desktop” after every PvP win. Developers? Support team? I don’t know what I’m expecting (a fix wouldn’t suck) but some sort of response would be nice also.

Send a ticket to our support.

I’ll do that. Just for curiousness, what is the purpose of this “Support forum?” I thought I did what I was supposed to.

Some issues can be resolved with the help of the community or to makes us aware of general issues players are having.

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The same thing happened to me as well. Between Ghost troops and game frozen, I’m experiencing all.