New update this morning crashed


News update with new reset PVP, i am using iPad crashed the middle of obtaining gold, but didn’t went the all the way. stuck with the black circle in the left side. Therefore, looks like I did;'t get reset GOLD, tribute this morning.

Also the tribute page the image is missing on all the reward window.

please advice.


All rewards seem to be given correctly, along with pvp reset, but we’ve identified a problem with the event related to the new kingdom. We’re working to fix it right now. I’ll keep everyone advised in this thread.

Just for the moment, I’ve re-inserted the art for the Goblin Rocket Event back into the game to stop any crashing. Hopefully it won’t take long to track it down!


I had the same issue on mine. Thanks


Okay - we’ve fixed the problem - it was related to something we had happen about a month ago (we had a similar glitch deploying an event)… the new kingdom tripped the exact same issue. Anyway, we’ve now put a fix in place so this same problem can’t happen again.

You may need a restart of the game on iOS/Android.
On Steam, you’ll need to make sure the latest update loads.

Looks like all rewards were given correctly, even though you may have experienced a crash while being notified… the fact that you GOT a crash, means the server gave out your rewards and tried to notify you about it.