New feature on PC: crash

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Second crash since the update. I had strict zero of those since the game launched on steam.

The last time I was playing revenge when it just switched from fullscreen to windowed mode. Then a few seconds later “not responding” and that’s it. The first one took me completely by surprise, I think I was opening keys or fiddling with troops.

I had a crash tonight myself. I was on the troops screen checking to see how not even close to being able to upgrade some traits I was, flipping back and forth from each troop and the game just shut off. No warning. No error message just off. Hasn’t happened again yet tonight though.

We’re currently investigating the report of crashes in game. It seems to be only affecting PC players. If anyone on iOS or android is experiencing it, please let us know.

Plenty of crashes/hangs on iPhone 5s operating with IOS 8.4.1 in the past 24hrs.

The new ‘hang’ that I’ve now had a few times is on the Revenge screen. The Kingdom Shields (of the invaders) stay about 3 times the size they should, and block part of the invader banner info. The skull starts circling the different mana colours ad infinitum. Have to exit out, then re-open app.

On a positive note, it seems to be hanging less when I switch back to the app after having it standby over a period when a tribute has been given. Though perhaps this is because I no longer look forward to the paltry tributes :sob:

I’ve gotten that one too, but it’s on Sirrian’s list of known bugs. Otherwise, no crashes on my iPad 3 - in fact, the whole thing seems to run a bit smoother :3 Edit: haven’t tried playing yet on my iPhone 5, I’ll let you know

We’re aware of this issue. The best means to avoid it currently is after completing a revenge battle, return to the world map (before going into the revenge screen). Once you go back to the the revenge battle it shouldn’t crash.

It’s annoying having the extra steps, but it seems to stop the game crashing on revenges until we can get a fix out.