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Crafting Request: (Please) Change the Legendary Troop requirements from Diamonds to Colored Jewels

I know that it’s early into the lifespan of the Crafting system, but it’s still possible to create a healthy discussion on new features or changes.

The biggest issue I see at this current moment is that Legendary troops and Mythic troops are both tied down by the need of Diamonds, the rarest new crafting material. The problem is that anyone that is able to clear the Drifting Sands storyline, the Blighted Lands storyline, and clear the dungeon bosses daily know that getting a Legendary (of a random kind) isn’t difficult, but finding Mythics can be nearly non-existent.

The purpose of crafting Legendary is to fill a missing collection (or use them). However, the sample size of Legendaries per week is very low and even after any key updates, it’s still tough to target a specific one that’s needed (and will only get harder as more troops come out). After that, you’d still need 5 more (on a new legendary) to cap it out at Mythic. I’d venture to say it would still be easier to save Event keys and wait for that Legendary to show up in a weekly event kingdom then ever craft them.

That’s besides the point though, most people would opt to save those Diamonds for Mythics, for the sole purpose of rarity. Anyone new that is playing would logically first craft Pharas-Ra for Soul gains or Xathenos for achievement/trophy purposes. Any end-game player also isn’t struggling with missing Legendaries (for the most part) and just needs missing Mythics (or commons).

Take a look at the colored jewels though. There’s very limited features available to be used with them. In fact, the only things I can think of is crafting Celestial Traitstones, one time crafted Weapons, and colored Summoning Stones. Celestial Traitstones have limited purposes and weapons are one time crafted options, leaving only one viable long term choice. I’m sure free “gem-like” keys isn’t the most ideal gift to the player base.

After the new soul smell goes away and I get my hands out the Dawnbringer and a Xathenos, I will no longer have a use for Colored Jewels (I don’t care about the colored weapons). Likewise, I will never make a Legendary in this current system because I’m missing way too many mythics and that list will likely to continue to grow in size as long as new content comes out.

I propose that Legendary Troops have their requirements changed from Diamonds to Colored Jewels, so that A) the Legendary Troop feature has more usage, B) the Color Jewels currency has more usage, C) there is more of a reason to buy the daily pack (gem and $4.99) on 6 of the 7 days. Don’t get me wrong, I like the free Summoning stones, but not enough to pay anything to get resources for them.

As for how it’s done, I don’t have a preference. The Legendaries can be gated from the jewels based on their troop color. It would actually make sense.

If there is one idea to take away from this topic, give me a reason to buy 6 of the 7 Daily packs. I don’t see the purpose to buying on Emerald or Garnet days at the current moment and it’s only Week 1 (on console).


I believe when they implement a way to specifically craft common - ultra rare, those will likely cost the colored jewels.

As of right now the colored jewels are only used for weapons and “gem keys” of a specific color drop.