Summoning specific troops + Soulforge UI improvements

Summoning stones drop a random troops and so fail to give a possibility to target one specific troop (for Ascension for example). At first, I thought SS should be modified, but not a good idea, let’s keep them like that: for X jewels, you can buy a SS and drop a random troop of the corresponding color.
And so on, add a new use of these jewels: craft one troop for X (depends of the rarity) jewels of the corresponding color (or both). One issue is the UI but I already proposed one solution:

And you can see something interesting on these screenshots: “Crafting” is already there.
So why not removing the Crafting troops option from the Soulforge and put it directly in the Troops/Crafting UI?
I believe (and I could be wrong) that we have a limited choice of possible Legendaries/Mythics by week because else it will too difficult to navigate. So it could also resolve this hypothetic issue :wink: .

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Another potential idea to make the summoning stones more useful, at least until you can target them in the future like Sirrian described, is if you simply change the pool they are randomly drawn from to troops you still need (only troops that you have less than 4 mythics of) instead of all troops. Obviously not as good as picking what you want, but I would think this would be a much easier to implement temporary fix, and at least would guarantee you get something you need.

I firmly feel that Crafting should have zero element of randomness to it…