Crafting Dragons A La Carte

I saw on this forum that some players have already gotten duplicate Dragon Bosses. I was thinking that the option to craft these Dragons individually would save a lot heartbreak for the rest of us. All the devs would need to do is raise the cost of crafting these Dragons.

Amethialas = 900 Dragonite, 2,200 Amethyst, 60,000 Souls, 10 Celestial Traitstones


Sounds like a great idea. Creating each Dragon in the forge separately like a Mythic troop. Once the Dragon has been created, you unable to forge it again.

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I like the idea, but not the increased number of Dragonite, leave 500 plus the materials.


I support this idea 100%, even if it meant spending 800-1000 Dragonite per troop instead of 500. Or keep it at 500 Dragonite, but add gems, diamonds or power orbs on top of the usual cost of crafting an egg to instead craft a specific Dragon. After all, there would have to be some sort of additional cost for the Devs/505 to even consider giving us such an option.


Why only once? People may want duplicates.


Thought of that as well. If majority of others want this. Hopefully an update for the idea would be good. Though right now, people saying that they are working hard to get one of each on another part of forum. Do not want a replicate that they received. Asking for a refund.

Yeah, if I see people with 4 Zuul’s, or 4 Enraged Kurandara will that kind of players also want 4 of each dragon to show that they have that ^^

For me is the new dungeon more become a nightmare then fun battle’s coz off my visual disorder I cant see which block is selected and till today so no perfect run coz then I have just dragon’s and is my block wrong selected and trap :(, but that is my personal problem with this new dungeon.
So its not the first way I prefer but grinding now gems to come on the amount of dragonite and with this idea it would be much more fit in my gameplay than just by it by gems…

But agree with @Malcolm54 be careful with saying that more can be for players worthy coz another thread goes over refunding for getting a double dragon and I also prefer first all six and then with this crafting idea they can craft them so much as they want :wink: