Limit Dragonite Dragons to 4 drops each

My understanding is that you could craft the Dragonite Gem Egg and it could drop more than than the usable troop max of 4. It would feel really bad to get 5 of the same dragon drop on such a rare resource. I’m at 4 on the yellow dragon and I would be really frustrated if I pulled a 5th as I’m assuming many other players would feel. Hoping to get ahead of it and ask to have the drop limited to 4. Thank you?


I agree 100%… The devs really screwed us on this one.


No, we need a way to craft specific dragons.
I do not want to craft 26 dragons for a shit ton of resources just to surely get all of them and could spend another shit ton of dragonite on useless weapons just to be able to craft another useless troop.


eh At least you can have a full team of just one fully medaled boss.

100% agree guildie is 7 for 7 blue dragon I don’t know how he hasn’t rage quit yet


Tell me about it…


This is the first reasonable suggestion I’ve seen regarding dragon egg drops.
Great idea!

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