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Craft Vault Keys

Yes, but not with other resources.

Let us craft Vault keys by exchanging 4xCedric (a team worth) for one vault key and 8xCedric (2 teams worth) for an epic vault key.

Oh no I disenchanted my cedrics.


Me too, same with mythic treasures before I realized I shouldn’t have not too long ago.

Using extra troop copies to create things other than souls will never happen for the reasons above: players have disenchanted thousands of copies of things under the assumption that they will never need those extra copies FOR anything else (like, for instance, if they were to add a rarity above mythic that required ascending troops).

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whats a fair gem value for a vault key? 50 gems? If so, I dont see any reasons why it shouldnt be craftable for gems in the Soulforge. (Gems, not Diamonds - many mixing the two of them.)

Way more than 50 gems.

Gem value is determined by the max payouts possible, not by the average or the smallest, which is why they’re so often ridiculously inflated.

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I have a daily offer today, a vk for 120 gems lol


Is that discounted from 150?

Either way, 2-3x 50 :man_shrugging:

You can get 300 gems from Cedric in a vault. So 50 gems for a vault key would never happen. That’s why at minimum I think they’re 150.

900 gems

120 gems on vip 6 exclusive offer.

That’s an epic vault key. 300 gems is the highest from cedric in a vault battle.

Maximum gems that one can get from a VK is 300+3x6=318.

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And there it is. This feature request will not happen because of that.

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