How many vault keys do you get per vault weekend?

How much do you grind on vault weekends? Would you say the results are worth it? I grind quite a bit and get between 60-120 vault keys on a good vault weekend

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I think it’s worth it up to a certain point in the game @Tigress. Once you’ve gotten to fairly endgame, the basic resources just kind of pile up and don’t do more than increase your inventory.

The main draws for Vault Events for me at this point are A) collecting the new pets just released I don’t have and maxing the few remaining I don’t have maxed B) getting enough keys for trying to get scarce resources like diamonds and big 300 gem drops from Cedric C) getting tons of gold to go towards faction hoards, and D) increased Cursed Gnome spawns. That’s about the extent of their utility at this point. But it’s still worth grinding overall I’d say. I just don’t spend as much time on Vault Events as I previously did grinding.


Thank you for the clear and informative reply @ctenn2ls

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I was about to say that gem drops from the vault is always nice. But I have not gotten them for months now.


@Eika, i got 900 gems in a single drop from an epic vault battle on friday so gem drops are still there


Thats cute. I was not saying they were gone tho.

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Oh okay, i misunderstood your message sorry. Do they go higher than 900? If so what is the highest gem drop available from the vault?

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900 is the highest only possible for a Epic Vault Key. Max is 300 for normal vault key. :slight_smile:

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Cool, thanks eika!

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Aiming for >500 keys every vault event.


Wow! (I did not mean a pun on your name lol) thats a ton of vault keys.


GAPs make getting vault keys pretty easy. Each is worth ~10-30 vault keys.


In a normal vault event I have so 300 VK’s and 50 EVK’s
I use my (E)VK when I need more gems.

Maybe off-topic, im not sure so I place it here coz I dont think its worth to create a new topic for it, if people here find it better to place a new topic let me know, and I replace it to a new topic!

Last week, I had the daily task to defeat 150 Blue enemies for 100 gems, the next day defeat 150 yellow enemies and 2 days later defeat 150 green enemies so in 1 week 3 times 100 gems ipo the 100 enemies for 20 gems!
Of course, I was happy with it every gem is welcome, but normally I have that once a week or lesser had others also this experience?

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That’s very lucky. Most I had was twice in a row.

As for vault keys, I haven’t gotten to play that much this weekend but I’ll probably still end up with around 80 VK and maybe 10 EVK.

I plan on doing a few more gaps today.


Hi @sylverscale,

My rate of (E)VK’s is not based on this weekend coz with the BC issue I havent hunt or play much Palooza’s.

:blush: :sunglasses:

I can’t really remember what I usually get - if there is a a usually for me. :sweat_smile:

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I have a very good memory, what is not always welcome :wink:


I usually do enough gaps to get 1,000 keys and 100 epic keys (about 45 gaps).

I usually get 8k to 11k gems from 1,100 keys. It is also nice when I get about 3.5k diamonds but it is not the main goal, gems are.

I use gems to get cosmetic pets and scrolls from tower of doom.


my goal is 500 to 1000 keys per vault event

None to five.