Could we get the ballast (Rakshanan) events rewarding?

Now seriously, basic mats: the ballast slows down the team to half, then the 2x gain is not worth even if the ballast was zero cost.

But we don’t even have all the gains doubled, just a small portion.

Anyone actually bothers with it? Especially if not sitting on excessive amount of souls and other stuff to throw away?

I don’t follow what you are asking.

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Basic mats? Ballast slows and zero cost? I am slow today, run that by me again.

So… I had to google translate “ballast”, only to discover it meant “ballast” in my native language… And I still had no idea what it meant, so I searched Wikipedia, and now that I know what ballast is… I have no idea why this topic even uses that word, and still only understand half of what Pasa is saying.

If you replace “ballast” with “Rakshanan troop”, everything kinda makes sense.

Basically, he says that the event is not worth playing (it makes games 2 times longer, while rewarding twice Glory wich is only one resource out of the many stuff we drop in PvP), so he is asking if anyone actually plays that event and is especially thinking of high end players that don’t care about most of those wasted resources, like people ‘capped’ on souls for example.


Wow, kudos to you!

as 800+ char, i dont have everything maxed, but i would rather map farm than do the pvp. i did do a bunch last night (getting to rank 1) but over all, it was faster to get extra glory from 2 maps (even if i only got 15 moves)

i did however find the rune master well worth the extra time.

Ballast is the correct term.

Translated text below:

Now seriously, this is just basic math: Using a weak troop like Rakshanan makes PvP games take twice as long, so the 2x gain of glory isn’t worthwhile. And that’s not even considering the souls you spent to level up Rakshanan so he can survive the match.

Best case scenario is that Glory evens out (double Glory, half as many games), but since souls & gold from PvP victories are not doubled, we’re still losing out on resources.

Is anyone actually bothering to run a Rakshanan team? It seems pointless to me.


My main PvP team is 3 troops + hero. I’m levelling a new hero class just now, so my hero was already weakened. I’ve swapped the hero out with Rakshanan and it doesn’t really affect my team at all. So in my case, the double glory is all benefit, since the engine that lets me win is not affected.

Using a team that revolves around just 3 troops seems like a good idea, because it allows me to use EVERY week’s new troop, regardless of what it is. Seems like a good investment to build such a team, so that you can fully participate in weekly events like this one.


“I bite my thumb, i hope you know the stakes. I’ll put a slug between your shoulder blades. Then ask what light through yonder poser breaks. i hath been iambic on that ass you you ye bastard.” William Shakespeare. Tl;dr i do in fact play the weekly troop in the event. Took a while to find a fast line-up and lost 4 trophies but i gain them back in no time.

Something I REALLY like about Rakshanan is that he grows in power not so much from souls & level, but off of your OPPONENT’s team. He’s a bit like Shadow-Hunter & Blade Dancer in that respect. So even at level 1 he’s pretty effective in PvP. (Assuming he stays alive)


I just realized my Main PvP Team also revolves around 3 Troops and I could swap out one for any number of other Troops to fit my needs a few weeks ago.

And why is carrying a weakened hero around good? For leveling up he is not needed on the team.

Few weeks ago we had the runemaker (or what is called) similar event for similar questionable gain. Like I said then, these could be actually fun if the troop was interesting in the first place (say like dust devil) OR the rewards were tuned for at least a null-saldo.

We don’t have that many events, why not make them such that it counts, that MAJORITY of people around in the short time frame say WOW, and switch to team-thinking mode no more questions asked. Let alone thinking ‘MEH, another wasted opportunity.’

I think you are looking at it from the wrong angle, every week we have a new troop and basically some will never see much play because there is already a meta that revolves towards some combinations.
The point of doing an event like this, that favors the use of a new troop, is not the rewards at all, it is about making people think about changing one unit or even maybe creating a whole new team and sharing their experiences with others, after all this is a social game too.
Looking only from the “math lens” we can sure get much more resources doing something much more repetitive until an “all work and no play makes jack a dull boy” point…

On this, i think they are still testing out some features, so far we had two events with something doubled for using a new troop, maybe in the future they can surprise us with something better that resolves about these experiments. I think you just need to be a little more patient.

Personally i did quite a few runs using a classic Treant, Alchemist, Valkyrie and “Someone else” team, and the Rakshanin as the last troop added a fairly good extra to the team: the option to do damage to any troop without skulls. Sure, there are others and maybe better options for that, but it wasn’t a waste of time and i’ve had the experience to see how much damage Rakshanin can actually do.


freebie glory for having the troop in team, what’s wrong with that?
Rak I don’t think even has to survive the fight for bonus, so if you have a good 3 troop team throw him in for dmg shield let him die if need be get bonus without even level’n him up.
not sure why anyone complain about a Dev freebie.

I’m still jelous the pc has these events… it also lets people test new troops… sometimes in games like this sumthin looks good but really isn’t (lamia) or looks bad but isn’t (Herdmaster least when i was a newb on GoW)… plus gotta level dudes for kingdom levels anyways…

Lamia is bad? never thought that one

shes never been useful to me in arena not sure if empowered helps her much…

I concluded that I was safer and faster just using my normal team but I praise the event for newer and growing players.


After many builds I came to the same conclusion with the same praise. I love things like this, and it got my toying with builds for a whole day!


If you already got a top tier PvP farming team adding raksha to it will just slow it down as will trying to built a team around the troop. It defeats its own purpose of ‘farming’ glory since it won’t be as effective at doing so relative to a real imba 4 troop lineup.

But I think it’s a fine troop and event for lower level players. They probably won’t see much of a difference in efficiency farming glory by PvP with a raksha on their team relative to their usual stuff (still you do have to invest souls and maybe get his first trait at least to start ‘farming with him’ so it may not be worth it for most of us).

So for the express purpose of farming glory… not worth the hassle.