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You get diamonds, as well as shards to make more diamonds, from completing dungeon fights, do your dungeons every day.

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You’re making some really unwise and wasteful decisions when it comes to the game. Of course you can do what you want but souls can be farmed, traitstones can be farmed… Diamonds not so much.

Weapons or mythics are good things to invest them in. Souls are not.

Just some friendly advice from someone who took longer than would have been necessary to get some things because I didn’t know better as spent precious resources on things.


Meanwhile you are throwing 3.4k diamonds on souls? Unbelievable

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I don’t use acronyms often but LOL, that’s where I’m already spending 50 Gems a day. If it wasn’t for that I might be able to aim for the boss dragons specifically (i.e. 50 Gems/day = statistically 70 Dragonite per week in purchases, compared to 7 x 12 = statistically 84 per week in Lv.20 Perfect Runs, aka. no big loss) but I am more interested in the Soulforge weapons since those are one-time crafts (Legendary Troops also, just less often).

Yes, this was something of an impulse decision to unlock my first Power 10 on any Kingdom. (Other Kingdoms where I have a base Mythic are currently bottlenecked at ascending/leveling Troops to Lv.20)

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50 gems for 20 diamonds. Youll need 8500 gems to get back the 3400 diamonds
Suddenly this terrible offer doesnt seem too bad

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I didnt say anything about spending gems, i said do your fights every day to earn diamonds ans shards to make more diamonds. Im confused about the response.

50 gems/day is the dungeon offer which gives 0 dragonite. The dragonite offer is 300 gems. Crafting Legendary troops, with maybe 1 or 2 exception, is widely regarded as a bad use of diamonds as well.

It seems you’re choosing to play in the most wasteful way possible. If thats how you want play then by all means enjoy but you have to understand thats your choice not something the game or anyone else is forcing you to do.

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Brand new Hero Level 2,500. :star_struck:

And my numbers so far.

I have chilled lately but I still love the game and play 2-3 hours daily. So let’s hit 2,600. :crazy_face:


I don’t do it for the Diamonds, not at all. I do it for the colored Jewels and Runic Traitstones. You want “most” wasteful, look at that 100-Gem offer (which, unfortunately, actually is the standard price for Diamonds).



No Diamonds were harmed in the crafting of this:

That makes 2 of 3 towards Dawnbreaker. (Coincidentally, I am also 2 of 3 towards Duskbringer.)

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Because I could…


Captura de tela 2023-07-23 103452


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After the 7.0 update, for a second, I thought the game had introduced pronouns and my opponent’s pronouns were Daemon and Her. :laughing:



I had the very good luck to run into not one, but two Hoagi Humbuckers between battles yesterday, so I crafted two GAPs and got about 20 Vault Keys (regular and Epic, +9 more for Vault weekend bonus).

Which gave me enough souls to craft this:

Which means I can now start grinding for THIS:

Not too worried about the Souls, it’s the dang Traitstones that’ll be the bottleneck for sure.

The Devil is in the details… :crazy_face:


Cedric just dropped something white and sparkly on my last Vault run today.

Meaning Dawnbringer can wait a little while longer, because:


Zuul will serve you far better than DB ever will, promise! :grin:


Oh, I’ve faced raid Zuul quite often so we are very well acquainted by now.

e.g. Mang, pull to first position, match skulls, win.

13x x3 Wildcards with the new Troop :grin: