Cool screenshot topic

Apparently I had a run of … well, Perfect Runs last week:


Wednesday, 4/26

Sunday, 4/30

Thursday, 5/4

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Now I can One Shot the last Room on Lv 500 Underworld :wink:


I’m so proud of my guild. This is around 9pm (18 hours after reset)


From someone in my alliance - not sure if cool or just horrifying.


This is cool for a screenshot but this person should get compensated with Diamantina or at least 120 Dragonites. Contact support this isn’t fair at all.

@admins To bring the devs’ attention

Who is your front troop?

I think it’s Holy St. Astra for 50% start on humans?

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When The Angel is among the best thing that happened to this game.


I wake up this morning, enter the game to grab first tribute of the day and it finally happens…

Every single kingdom gives me love at once. :heart_eyes: :heart_eyes: :heart_eyes:


A lot of Dragon Gems :open_mouth:


My luck with event keys is beyond epic. All I wanted was one copy of Yasmin’s Chosen:


Got a total of 5 Bloodwoods from event keys this week. Thanks game, love you too! :laughing: :laughing:

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Nice. I’m still waiting for my first Bloodwood. :pensive:

Too bad I was looking for Vernalis :stuck_out_tongue:



Leonis kingdom, Power 9

Plus this:

250 Ingots

And this:

So many souls

Equals THIS:

And this:

Power Level 10

wasting 3400 diamonds on souls…


Haha, but what else am I capable of using these cheap mall trinkets on? Certainly not other Soulforge Mythics … (I’m always bottlenecked on Celestial Traitstones anyway)

Mid-end game diamonds are incredibly important for nabbing the mythical you’re missing. I would highly advise against using them on souls or any farmable currency.

Play how you want of course, just some advice!


Thank you, but it’ll be a VERY long time before that’s even a concern. (Not that I haven’t occasionally looked at the Soulforge mythics and thought “I want that one!” then realized there’s basically no way I can farm the resources for it…)

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Aye, that’s the issue with diamonds is that they aren’t really farmable outside of using vault keys or hoping you get a gnome/angel/merchant in Explore. I am missing 11 troops and diamonds are the biggest barrier! Well, that and waiting for them to appear in the Soulforge. And dragonite. And the hoard mimic. And troops not yet released for F2P…

Play how you will man, all good! I just remember spending blue orbs back when I started, not knowing to save them for Zuul… I wish someone had warned me sooner, lol!

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