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Did a restart of the game correct it?

Got this a couple of weeks ago. My first ever power orb from a major orb of chaos.


Most gems I received from vault


I received 2 power orbs from the last week’s bounty. My first and second ever. I didn’t take screenshots coz I collected them separately. Would have totally posted here if I got them in one screenshot.


You may wonder what is “Forest of Thorns Pet Mastery”…My Pet Mastery is 3015 and ID for Forest of Thorns is 3015 as well… The most hilarious bug that I’ve seen in a while :rofl:


A guildmate got a double orb of power!


@ALP Do you think we will see more new Mythics that will require Power orbs to craft?

There’s got to be. I have no evidence to support this other than the Bargaining phase of grief.

I hope so, I got lots of Blue orbs.
Mostly using them on Dooms and “Troops you get from GW rewards” for power leveling.
It is sad to see that Blue and Power orbs, the most wanted orbs, became almost useless

A guildmate get 2 different pets from a pet event today.
I remember a post here about it.
Is there anyone experienced the same thing?

That’s 10 classes in one maxed out.

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Nice feature. I had never expanded “classes” to see it. :heart_eyes:

Mechanist stuff is pretty insane. It comes from my casual PVP days with Elspeth/Bombot/Bombot/Brown Mech Hero. I stopped that years ago but my 138,000 Bombot uses in PVP are still there as a cool milestone. :star_struck:

Afterwards I changed to Sunpear/Phoenixia for dailies and fast low explore and I used it a lot for a long time (still one of my favourites).
And now I am totally focused on Slayer/Zuul to grind medals in explore 12, so it will keep on growing.

CLASS XP - FEB. 2022


WOW! They really have done some updating! I started playing in April 2021. The only way i’d recognize it is the characters! Super cool. Thanks for sharing :slight_smile:

Power of Flask



I similarly got a verse gnome like this l, the last time verses were in AB…. the fact that you got the SAME verse for both though is awesome, mine didn’t match


Even better, its the one I need.


Was this during GaP? I have never seen 2 gnomes in one game outside GaP

It’s not two gnomes in one battle. The verse on the left is the reward from Adventure Board, the verse on the right (with the gnome face behind the verse) is a reward from one gnome dropping into the battle

I see. That was lucky.