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Cool screenshot topic

You must have him medaled. That extra Magic on him is op!



Opponent had to have had a Syc team?

Nah, would have had to be summons. I had a 4800~ damage stat show up once, ages ago… of course half the time we assume ‘wow I did a ton of damage with such and such’ and then it shows off how some random troop regened burn damage or something.

Probably against Infernal King. They “fixed” him, but he stills resurrects 5-6 times @25% rate…

Isn’t this just beautiful? Unfortunately I don’t have a troop that turns yellow to purple or purple to yellow on this team :wink: And then to top it off, the blue at the bottom!


Did you go in with a skull team against 3 troops that are agile? @igniteice If I may ask, is this explore level 12?

I love the offense team though, to make it clear. I like etam builds that aren’t always meta.

lol, i fought L&D team with orbweaver
The spider keeps spawning and my 1st troop is entangled so it can’t kill L&D.
Sometimes there’s doomskull in the screen that gives L&D damage, and the cycle continues on… et voila!

2 pure faction runs in a day? Possible :slight_smile:


That team is for Explore level 12 in Pan’s Vale only, for leveling classes. Savage Hunter is the only troop in the game that has both Bloodlust (Become Enraged when enemy dies) AND Eagle Eye (Place Hunter’s Mark on enemies when doing Skull damage). It also does double Skull damage vs Green enemies with Toxic Hatred.

The Enrage allows it to ignore dodge/skull damage reduction. Fist of Zorn is for increases its attack and getting some quick skull matches if possible. Scylla creates Bonestorm for it.

Most enemy teams consist of 2-3 green troops. However, a common frontline enemy troop is Sileni Guard, which is very annoying because he gives all Wildfolk Barrier and he isn’t green.

Lapina Explorer and Trickster can be annoying too if they knockback Savage Hunter. Otherwise, it can be a very, very fast team.

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Skull damage is a bad idea against LD teams. You want some form of spell damage that lets you passively target that troop, since it’s stealthy.

I could be wrong, but I think Agile procs before Enrage is taken into consideration, which I’ve always considered to be a bit iffy.

Hrm… I’ll test it out for a bit here and see if I can get one of them to dodge me when I hit with Enrage on.

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I’d love to know for sure/have confirmation, so thank you :raised_hands: especially if it were considered an undesired interaction.

Well, I’ve been doing explores for quite a while now and I have yet to see a single dodge happen when I hit with Enrage. I’ve seen plenty of dodges (3 in a row actually) when my first troop dies and it’s just my hero (no enrage), but nothing else…

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I know i’m not yet there (missing few Rage traitstones to fully trait Courage), but
ALMOST, got all owned troops fully traited:

Some extra resources (for future troops):
Growth Orbs: 131
Major Growth Orbs: 55
Ascention Orbs: 57
Major Ascention Orbs: 10
Wisdom Orbs: 74
Major Wisdom Orbs: 30

Arcane Traitstones:
Stoic: 20
Swamp: 43
Blood: 3
Blade: 98
Spirit: 20
Shield: 38
Stealth: 47
Beast: 13
Light: 300
Venom: 16
Forest: 126
Rage: 8
Storm: 3
Dark: 98
Lava: 137
Summer: 1
Plains: 52
Mountain: 18
Death: 0
Skull: 72
Deep: 1
Celestials: 100


Damn. RNGesus going crazy this week.

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