[Contact Support] Level Jump in current ToD

**Platform: android tablet

What you were expecting to happen, and what actually happened:

Upon finishing tower level 2 I was transported to tower level 11. It states I’ve killed 16 dooms. I asked in global and apparently people are having an issue if they bought the all tier pack. I did not. I purchased 1 thru 4 individually. So not sure what is going on but I was basically cheated out of around 8 forge scrolls because of this?

How often does this happen? When did it begin happening?

First time occurance

Steps to make it happen again

Purchased tier 1 through 4. Pasted a team from guild chat. Altered class to Orbweaver. Fought level 1. Fought level 2. Found myself on level 11 for no seeming reason. Says I’ve killed 16 dooms but only obtained 1 Haste scroll so there is no way that’s correct.


Did you buy any cash offers, most prominently the Headstart?

As stated I did not. I bought tier 1 through 4 individually. I clicked on tier 1, and accidentally cancelled because the prompt to buy the head start is reversed, clicked it again, bought tier 1, 2, 3, 4. Fought level 1 per our Taransworld map, fought 2, suddenly I was on 11. I finished 11, to see if it really was 11 or a mislabeled 3. It was 11. Currently sitting at 12 because I’m hoping for an answer or resolution that involves me getting the forge scrolls I was cheated out of. Unlikely I know, but I’m also a lvl 18 VIP and I’m not gonna lie, as much money as I’ve thrown at this game over the years it would be nice to see a resolution.

Edit: the only other things I recall buying would be Underspire extra torches for 50 gems. I did Underspire before guild Tower of Doom.

Doing Underspire before other activities seems to be a recurring issue

Also, were you using the doomed band weapon when you fought the Doom boss? There were issues with this earlier, but I thought they fixed them.

Did not use Doomed Band. Using Charred Blade. I did max level Doomed Band, just haven’t used it. I saw that I probably should be using Doomed Band but haven’t gone any further until I get some answer on the bug

We might not be talking about the same thing. The Headstart Offer is the one for money only, it let’s you start out on tower level 9. I was wondering if it might have kicked in late, level 9 plus your 2 cleared levels would be level 11.

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Yeah, I got you but nope. I didn’t purchase that. I purchased the 4 tiers individually and they should be able to see the number of tokens I have, turns, vs what I bought. I only did 3 levels of fights. Except I’m on 11. Plus if I bought the starter it wouldn’t let me purchase the tiers individually.

Speaking of, is any dev or mod monitoring this? Haven’t seen a reply, unless I’m missing something.

I think the headstart offer is different than the shop tiers that also give Potions. I could be wrong but you can buy the headstart offer AND buy tiers 1-4 individually.

Do you mean the Teirs 1-6 + Chaos Orb?

Now that you mention it, was the Headstart offer the one with the shiney tokens or keys? I think I did buy that one. I’d forgotten all about it, honestly. Did that jump levels? It’s still weird because I know I fought tower level 1 and 2, per guild map on Taransworld, then was on 11. So unless 9 and 10 are exactly the same as 1 and 2, which seems unlikely, then there’s still something not adding up. Is there a way to see your purchases? I’ve never tried to look.

I think there will be a purchase history in you Google account, on Steam or on Apple. :thinking:

Hello :slight_smile:

Thank you for the details! Yes, the Tower of Doom headstart offer is different to purchasing the tiers individually.

I’ve let the development team know about this issue.

In the meantime:

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Hello :slight_smile:

For privacy purposes as it requires further investigation, please also Contact Support via Ticket with the same details as mentioned in this bug report.

  • Please also make sure to provide your invite code in the ticket!

Thanks Bramble!

Edit: Found it