[Reported] Headstart ToD

When I would buy the headstart… will I actually lose 2 forgescrolls ((levels 1 to 7)-5) ?


@Jeto I was wondering the same. Could you please clarify?

The officials don’t read Gameplay Chat.

Unless battle rewards have been changed, buying the Headstart Offer actually forfeits some of the most valuable rewards Tower of Doom has to offer. It’s not the only part that feels cobbled together, scoring will also likely be weird. Lugging the event weapon along for double points probably only applies to Doom battles, and probably entirely ignores Luck scrolls.


They don’t care. As long as people keep paying for things, they are happy with what they’ve produced.

Take bug reports as an example. As long as we can enter the game and spend money nothing that is erroneous is considered a bug. There’s a huge backlog of things that they COULD fix, but since none of them bring in more money or prevent you from spending it, they don’t care about fixing anything.

They rarely respond to anything in here, and when they do it it is brief, vague, and not very helpful. When amplifying questions are asked about what they do respond to, there is no followup responses from them. It looks as simple as “We responded, now we are done with you and your questions (or requests).”

If they truly cared we would see more than one of them in here on a constant basis, responding to all requests, bug reports, and our responses and questions about their replies. We would have near constant communication with the devs, and things would be fixed. Quickly.

Pretty sure others could add to my list of things that are wrong, but get no attention from them (the devs to be clear).

Unfortunately, I have little to no hope of their changing their ways or ever really caring.


Yep, you lose 3 forge scrolls if you buy the offer. Doesn’t make much sense and not worth it.

By your logic, the offer should be fixed immediately because it affects monetization. Why would people buy this if actually hurts progression? Thus fixing it will bring it more money.

*** suddenly i feel sad buying before counting *** :frowning:

but at least i have shiny


not saying this is it or defending them at all but speaking from my own experiences be careful not to confuse “not caring” and being understaffed…


Unfortunately, it is not broken. It DOES bring in money, does NOT prevent you from spending money, does NOT prevent your accessing the game to spend money, and thus does NOT need to be fixed.

Your explicit original words were “bring in more money”. This fix would bring in more money.

Either way, a simple look at what they have changed/fixed recently would disprove what you’ve said. It’s obviously an exaggeration that you’re treating as a fact for some reason.

Most recent example: they could have left the Invasion score requirements as they were, because they “[did] NOT prevent you from spending money, [did] NOT prevent your accessing the game to spend money” all the while bringing in money by forcing people to spend more to achieve the highest stages. And this wasn’t even bugged; it was poorly calculated.

Or for an actual bug: they fixed notifications on Android devices and that wasn’t benefiting them. They could have ignored it for a while, killing our gem income and forcing more people to buy gems to keep up with the increased gem sinks.

I’m with tedy02 on this whole situation.

I am curious. I seemed to have missed the memo. Where is the information the headstart will cause the first seven floors to be skipped coming from?

Open the headstart offer, then tap the headstart tile:

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Thanks for the information. Like the ongoing Invasion event, I presume the new doom weapon will double the number of dooms killed (not necessarily doubling the entire score earned…looking at you luck scrolls) getting a score of 14 on seven floors.

My experience, even if you are the first in the guild to scout the tower, so you are hitting every room, 20 sigils, with all the haste scrolls and ravens, one would get easily past the seventh floor. Usually by the completion of the seventh floor, at least one luck scroll is uncovered. The scoring seems low, the rewards ARE to low and the offer does not even include the weapon.

So now we know why is it called an offer and not a deal!! :wink:


I understand what you’re saying, but you took what i said out of context. That was in reference to bugs. They don’t fix them because doing so brings them nothing in revenue. I’m still not getting notifications on my android device since the problem cropped up. I remember quite clearing reading a “bug report” in which something was clearly not working correctly. The reponse by the dev was “This is not a bug. It does not break the game or prevent your accessing it.” The definition of a bug being used by the team has a very narrow focus. If something isn’t working right, it sounds like a bug to me. Anyone I’ve ever known associated with programming, whether it’s for a game or something else, chases down any malfunction in a program their group is responsible for maintaining.

You disagree with my viewpoint and thats fine.

By the by, I like the Star Trek reference of your name. Very nice.

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Pay money to skip the easiest Tower of Doom floors. Interesting strategy devs.


Also, if someone did buy the Headstart offer, are they provided with the info on which scrolls are in each room to share with the rest of the guild? So everyone else can choose the ‘correct’/non-Boon rooms.

Answer is no I think, unless they have actually revamped ToD to show us in-game what is in each room that has already been completed by other guild members. We can still dream this will ever happen :laughing:


It starts you on Floor 9/14 doom score, but the headstart offer only gives you 5 scrolls. lmao wtf.


(For those that are unaware of the problem, the Tower of Doom stops giving scrolls after Floor 25 unless there’s something new in place, meaning anyone that paid money got short changed 3 scrolls by starting ahead.)

The value proposition actually makes even less sense since you would normally have 16 doom score after 8 floors + 2 or 4 from 1 or 2 luck scrolls. You’d think you could just make it up on higher floors, but someone still has to explore those higher floors to make that possible. Also, you’re losing the easy fights for no reason.

Maybe… just sell the sigils next time and say screw the headstart? Or sell the score and dont headstart people?


Looking into this now!


thank you for looking into it


Headstart in a doom event which is a guild event that requires scouting makes no sense. If you are giving them the score but they still start floor 1 that would be better at least in TOD. Guild mates need the info from a scout so if you wanted to scout from the start then the head start would not be of value to you.