Constant server errors


Not sure if this has already been mentioned, but there are a lot of server errors this weekend. I’m getting connection errors practically every time the app needs to contact the server (the spinning skull in the circle of gems). Anyone else having this? My internet connection is okay. I’m in Europe if that is relevant information.


Yep, I was just about to write something too. Also from Europe, similar problem. Communication with server takes very long time, even if there’s no error, and it often occurs, sometimes several times in a row. Really annoying as I feel like I wait for server longer than I actually play :frowning:
Not as bad as it was just after new version release though.


Probably better over here in support so the right people see it.

I’ve been having similar issues, and was coming to the forums to mention it. Playable, but slow with quite a few retires.


For me today has been the best day as far as not getting retries and “connection has timed out” messages since the update.


Didn’t have a hard error lately but many Retry boxes and actions are pretty slow indeed.