Console's Zhul'Kari Kingdom Bonus

The PC/Mobile version’s Zhul’Kari gets Magic and we get Attack, is that on purpose?

We only have 1 Magic bonus right now (Karakoth) and we will be getting a 2nd with Darkstone. I don’t think +3 is too much…

In 1.0.8 PC, Zhul’Kari was Attack. Yours will presumably switch to Magic with the next big console update.

This table on the wiki shows the correct 1.0.9 bonuses that you guys will presumably get to eventually - more Magic, less Attack.

What the Consoles have is not the same as that chart. We seem to have gotten a hybrid of your 1.08 and 1.09

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Here’s what the consoles have;

Adana - Yellow - Armor
Broken Spire - Brown - Life
Darkstone - ?
Divinion Fields - Yellow - Life
Forest of Thorns - Green - Attack
Ghulvania - Purple - Life
Grosh-Nak - Red - Attack
Karakoth - Purple - Magic
Khaziel - Brown - Life
Khetar - Purple - Armor
Maugrim Woods - Green - Life
Mist of Scales - Red - Life
Pan’s Vale - Yellow - Life
Pridelands - Red - Attack
Stormheim - Blue - Life
Sword’s Edge - Blue - Armor
Whitehelm - Yellow - Armor
Wild Plains - ?
Zaejin - Green - Life
Zhul’Kari - Green - Attack

That seems like exactly PC 1.0.8 - if so, Wild Plains will be Attack and Darkstone Magic (neither changed in 1.0.9 either).

Darkstone was both armor and magic during 1.0.8, so it could be either when they release it. Wild Plains will definitely be attack though.

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