Upcoming Kingdom Bonus changes for Console

With the leak that came to consoles (and since removed), a few players noticed that their characters changed with most noting that they were “weaker”. Well, technically this not only is correct, but it is also by design to bring the kingdom bonuses in line with the PC version of the game. While only 3 kingdoms specifically are affected, it does help change a bit of the dynamic of the game by making skull damage just a touch weaker, but spell damage a bit stronger too.

When the next update goes live, these are the changes to kingdom bonuses:

Mist of Scales trades Life for Armor.
Grosh-Nak trades Attack for Armor.
Zhul-Kari trades Attack for Magic.

So if you get your Kingdoms to level 10, these are the bonuses you will receive (and double that if you have a fully 5*ed kingdom as well which can be done with any kingdom that has at least 8 troops.)

Kingdoms in () may not be initially available with the next update, but should unlock relatively soon thereafter. This list is current through the release of Glacial Peak as that’s the most recent kingdom on the PC.

Attack: (Overall from 5 to 3)
Forest of Thorns
Wild Plains

Armor: (Overall from 4 to 6 with 2 additional to come later)
Mist of Scales
Sword’s Edge
(Drifting Sands)
(Glacial Peaks)

Life: (Overall from 9 to 8)
Broken Spire
Divinion Fields
Maugrim Woods
Pan’s Vale

Magic: (Overall from 2 to 3 with 1 additional to come later)
(Blighted Lands)

Hopefully this will help when the update is released so players know what exactly happened with their kingdom bonuses, as well as give them an idea as to which kingdoms they may want to level first (Magic then Attack tends to be the general suggestion.)


Bumping this since a small update has come that did change the kingdom bonuses to match the above. So for those who see different stats, this is why.