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Which kingdoms has 9 troops?

Just a little lazy, would be nice if you could add the skill bonus as well for the kingdoms.


Zhul’Kari, Broken Spire, Pans Vale. I think I didn’t miss any (maybe i did :open_mouth: )

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Add Whitehelm


Is there only 4? Who should I go for first?

I think it’s Life, Life, Armor, Magic: So Zul’Kari for magic :slight_smile:

thanks, I thought one of them had attack, but unsure. :slight_smile: interesting lets see what I decide in the future…

Yeah, I thought Pan’s Vale was attack for some reason. Was it changed recently, or have I just not noticed? I know that it use to have a banner of +1 attack, but that is ages ago. xD

Zul was attack, but now it’s magic.