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Leveling all the troops in your home kingdom?

Is it beneficial during pvp, to have all the troops in your home kingdom at their highest levels & fully traited? Even if you’re only using 1 or 2 or maybe none. It’s a question I guess related to the amount of stars your home kingdom has, if it helps in pvp.

its not about home kingdom or not home kingdom. ANY kingdom with 5 stars and lvl 10 will give you a double stat bonus to ALL the troops you may use (even if it is not from that kingdom)


so say i run

green seer, gob shaman, goblin, and hobgoblin.

my home kingdom is pan’s vale (i like the glory) - this does nothing except for tribute changes
i have khetar at 5 stars and lvl 10. - all 4 of my troops get +2 magic. even though they are not from khetar and khetar is not my home kingdom


So if I understand correctly, the more stars your kingdoms have the better? For tribute or for pvp as well?

exactly. (the 4th star isnt working quite right, at least im not getting full gold) but you have to have it to get to that elusive 5th star stat bonus :slight_smile:



If you like Glory, use Whitehelm, it’s pure unadulterated Glory :wink:


It’s what I use.

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I have 5 stars on Whitehelm but I use Khetar as my home kingdom.

Khetar. Pure unadulterated Souls!


Do you disenchant extra troops for souls?

I do keep the Epics I like and all the Legendaries, but the rest get sold.

I may be a fool to believe the developers when they say no plans for a higher rarity rank. However, if they do add one they’d have A TON of rebalancing to do. Something they’d have to stop making new Kingdoms and Troops to do.


I disenchant all extra copies of everything that’s mythic (keep four of course). If they ever raise the level cap to more than 20 that would be the right moment to stop playing imo


Without serious rebalancing work, adding another rarity rank would “break” the game

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This is what I do too

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Couldn’t do this. The Collector inside me is already to strong for this.

Also the Underdog inside my would cry when selling commons or rares.

But I said that often enough already so I’ll be silent about that matter.

I’m addicted to the collection too. Even when I think a card is practically useless, I want to have at least one copy. :stuck_out_tongue:


I want 4 of every troop at mythic and fully traited because of reasons.


I don’t think I have disenchanted since that original console task at low level… I just looked at my Blade Dancers alone from just last weeks Event Chest, and that would give me like 1,600 souls. Mabee I should clean house and do a mass upgrade…

Don’t do that unless you are certain you won’t want to ever ascend them (or they’re already at Mythic). Troops convert to souls at a poor ratio.

Oh, that’s not an issue, the Dancers are already Ascended to Mythic and upgraded to Level 20. I just have like an extra x63 waiting to be used just once… on a real team.

I’m just picking on them because of the Keys and Gems I dropped last week trying to get a copy of TSO from Pan’s Vale.