CONSOLE: Witches in Britches

Sorry, Boomer, I don’t agree.
I’d rather they resolve identified issues before release of a buggy asset, rather than play catch up chasing the bug in a live environment. It’s the responsible thing to do. Here the ‘best feature’ that our devs have always provided is their degree of conscience in maintaining their product. I appreciate this.

^^This is also one of the main reasons why I like playing Gems over many other games. Thanks! :slight_smile:


It was previously stated that we would one day get a chance at targeting specific Apocalypse troops and this seems like the ideal time to start. May I suggest Death…


I’m glad I basically gave up on this game.

These comments always make me smile. If someone stops playing a game, then why read the forums AND take the time to post comments. I’ve given up on Ryse: Son of Rome (after finishing it a few years ago). But I don’t go on the Cryteck forum to post this information…


I agree.

Doesn’t make it any less lame, though.

Can we at least get an estimated new timeline on the pharoh ra release or how you guys plan on shuffling around the mythics now?

Been saving all my keys and gems for approximately 2 months waiting for pharos to come out and don’t really care about any of the mythics that have been released after him… so if it’s not going to be until the next big update (and let’s be honest, he won’t release exclusively the day that update drops, probably a few weeks after) and that update isn’t planned to happen until guild wars drops, then I seriously have nothing to look forward to other than krystanex for the next 3 months…

Wah wah wahhhh.


I was looking to see about the new content we were supposed to get… The only thing keeping me around in any capacity.

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I have been meaning to bring this up as well. Back when they announced mythics were coming to consoles they let us know there would be exclusive weeks for all the apocalypse troops, and we haven’t heard a hint about that since. Personally War is the only one I’m missing but I wouldn’t mind trying to obtain a second death either.

Yeah I hope you guys get another shot at death.
Not trying to ruffle any feathers here but wasn’t death and plague the first mythics available on console? Plus I thought plague/death was available for at least 2-4weeks before famine/war. Hmmm

I don’t know but i got 7 death 5 plague 5 war and 6 famine but no damn wulf and guard!!!

At the moment we aiming for Silverglade next Friday. Then Jotnar should follow shortly a week or so afterwards.

I believe some extra troop should start appearing in chests with next week’s event.

(I’ll try to see what’s going on with the Horsemen mythic stuff)


Is it confirmed yet? And will @Sirrian let us know wich troop it will be or we will need to find out by ourself?

Also, are you guys immediately working on the submission and rollout of the update to fix the issue with pharos ra or are you just holding off and not going to so anything about it until the guild wars update?

Minogor is the bonus troop this week - it was mentioned in the release post.

Cool so we only missing 17 troops now? 16 when jotnar go out?

28 by my count, with 7 to be released with Silverglade on Friday.

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30 if you count Spring Imp and Summer Imp which are currently only available as legendary guild task rewards.

Hi @Nimhain, do you have any updates on this?

Random jump in muwahahshshshsaaa sorry guys and girls

Sorry, Nothing to announce at the moment.

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